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Ideas For Personalizing An Engagement Ring

Personalizing An Engagement Ring

Personalizing An Engagement Ring

Naturally your wedding ring is special – it’s all yours. But how many other women have a princess cut diamond wedding or engagement ring just like it? Most likely more than you care to think about, but you don’t want your ring to be the same as everyone else’s, do you?

If you’ve been wracking your brain trying to come up with ways to make your wedding ring more unique and add a personal touch to it, here are some special ideas that are sure to help you customize your ring to be your perfect piece.

Go For Gold

When it comes to picking wedding sets, the majority of brides either choose yellow or white gold, platinum, or even silver. But there’s no hard and fast rule about going the traditional route, so what about considering a rose gold ring? If you love the look and style of antique rings, this could be a stunning choice for you. Discover spectacular collections by taking the time to look around for this old-fashioned style.

The Perfectly Personalized Option

You can render your wedding or engagement ring more than merely a symbol of your love – you could use it to carry a very special message with you every single day. Have the inside of the band engraved (or even the outside of the band) with a meaningful date, like your first date, or the latitude and longitude of the first home you bought together. You might prefer to have a special nickname engraved, or something as timeless and simple as “I Love You.” The possibilities for personalisation really are endless and engraving your engagement or wedding rings will certainly set your ring apart from all the others.

A Little Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue

The part that is “something old” on your wedding day may be the actual engagement ring or wedding ring. Perhaps your grandmother or mother has passed their ring down or have gifted you a special band ring that is perfect for your wedding day. This is a great way to add more sentiment to your special jewellery.

A Little Colour

Here’s another way to personalize your wedding set – choose a coloured stone. This can add an abundance of meaning behind your wedding set. The colour you choose could be your fiancé’s birthstone, or even a ring that has been passed down through several generations. At the same time, a coloured stone could be your “something blue.” There are multiple options for adding gemstones to your wedding bands. You may choose small coloured stones and pair them with your engagement ring, or have a traditional diamond engagement ring surrounded by a halo of beautiful gemstones.

personalized engagement ring

Image by Randi Deuro via Flickr

Stacking It Up

Finally, why not consider turning your engagement ring and wedding band into a set of bands? Instead of handing an engagement ring paired with your wedding band, pair it with platinum wedding bands for women. For instance, you may like to pair your engagement ring with several bands in front of it and even two bands behind it. If you want to mix it up even more, you could consider creating a two-tone wedding set but having the engagement ring in one colour, like white gold, and then having your wedding bands in rose or yellow gold.

Final Word

Whatever you choose to make your rings more personalized, make sure it’s something you’re going to love so much that your face will still light up decades from now. Remember, your engagement and wedding rings are not a symbol of status; they are a symbol of unity, love, and the utmost personal sentiment.

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