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How to Find a Good Corporate Wear Supplier?

The devil wears prada corporate wear
the devil wears prada corporate wear

Photo via The Devil Wears Prada movie

Corporate clothing is used in a wide variety of different industries, and it allows members of staff to be easily noticeable, or even wear the correct protective clothing. If this is something that you have looked in, then you will know that there are many different suppliers out there. So, how do you make sure that you find the best supplier for your business? With access to the internet, this job is made quite simple.

Search for Corporate Wear Suppliers

Using the search engine of your choice, you will be able to find some different companies that offer all different sorts of work wear, which you can also brand with your company colours and logo.

  • Jackets
  • Hi-Vis Clothing
  • Coveralls
  • Work Trousers
  • Head Gear

So whether you are looking to cloth the people working in your kitchen, the mechanics working in your garage, or the people working in your warehouse, it is very easy to find a corporate wear online retailer. You will want to make yourself a list of the top 5 companies that supply the clothing that you are looking for and then speak to them individually.

Contacting the Companies

A lot of people judge a company on their pricing, rather than the level of service that they receive. It is a good idea also to use the level of service as a good factor to judge a company. The length of time it takes to get a response from email, and also how you are dealt with on the telephone, go a long way in telling you about the overall standard of a company. You will want to contact each company initially via email, and let them know your requirements. Wait for the email replies and take a not how long it took to get a response. You will then want to speak to the top 3 companies out of the ones that you contacted, and speak to them on the telephone. Find out about the materials used, lead times, options available for each product, and anything else that you may need to know. It is always a good idea to have a pen and paper handy as you may wish to take notes as you talk.

corporate wear

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Ask for a Sample

Some companies will offer a free sample, depending on what items you require. You may also have to pay for the sample, but do not let that put you off with dealing with a company. It is always a good idea to get a sample of the product before you buy it, so you can see what it feels like and look at the quality of the stitching. If a company comes across as not wanting to send a sample to you, this may either be because they have no available stock, or the stock they have could be of low quality. If a company does not supply you with a sample before you commit to an order, then you may wish to choose another company.

Making a Decision

When you have all of the prices and also all of the samples, you will need to work out which of the samples you prefer. Along with your choice of sample, choose which company you think offered the best service, and then also include the prices.

Adding these factors up you will be able to choose a company that offers value for money and also a good quality service. Price is an important factor, but not the most important one. The quality of the product should be your highest priority as you do not want to have to replace poor quality uniforms constantly. After doing all of this, you will be able to choose the best supplier that has good quality products, good service, all at affordable prices.

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