The season for giving is just around the corner and it’s time to get cracking on sourcing for presents. That is why for the next few weeks Style Vanity will provide Christmas gift ideas for every person in your life. And today, we’re featuring gift ideas for tech geeks in your life.

[eltdf_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”#C0C0C0″ background_color=””]W[/eltdf_dropcaps]e all have that friends who’s a total gadget hound, always getting the new phone on the day it comes out and quickly adapting to the growing industry’s trends seamlessly. It can be hard to gift tech gifts that are truly worth having, but this list is pretty cool so I’m sure you’ll find something here.

gift ideas for tech geeks | cuff smart jewelry

1. Cuff Smart Jewelry ($60-$125): This jewelry looks just as amazing as it performs, and therefore it makes for one great gift. Get help at the touch of a button and only stay as connected as you need to be with this smart jewelry line that’s great for all women. It’s compatible with iOS 7+ and Android devices with Bluetooth, and the best part, it lasts 7 days without charging.

2. Pebble Time Round 14mm Smartwatch ($200-$250): Apple fans may disagree with me but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who will proclaim that this is by far, the best smartwatch in the market. And the best part, their cheaper than Apple Watch. You’ll surely love this watch that looks as good as it performs. It syncs with your smartphone, allowing you to get all incoming texts and calls via your watch. It’s the perfect gift for those who want to streamline their devices. It’s compatible with Apple and Android devices. And by the way, it’s battery-powered.

gift ideas for tech geeks | Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer

3. Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer ($138): Connect to the internet and seamlessly print any picture from your phone with this smart printer that allows you to immediately make memories. Great for the holidays and weddings, this printer is top of the line. It has Wi-Fi printing and works with both Android and iOs.

gift ideas for tech geeks | Polaroid snap instant digital camera

4. Polaroid “Snap” Instant Digital Camera ($100): Every tech fan loves the nostalgic pull of a Polaroid instant camera. Get photos printed immediately using your device with this nifty little camera. It has 10-megapixel sensor and adhesive back. Actually, get one for yourself too — this product rules.

foreo issa toothbrush

5. Foreo Issa Toothbrush ($199): Created by the same company which made the best electronic facial cleansing brush, this Kardashian-approved toothbrush is top of the line. It’s fanciest toothbrush around. it’s made from nonporous sillicone and will clean your teeth like no other toothbrush can. Lasts up to 365 uses per full charge, requires no charging dock.

gift ideas for tech geeks | ringly rings

6. Ringly Rings ($195): Know someone who’s always plugged into her phone, despite her best efforts? Gently remind her to unplug with these stylish rings that only notify you when something happens you really need to know about. It connects to your phone, and notifies you of calls, messages and more.

Which of these gift ideas for tech geeks do you like?