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5 Under $100 Gift Ideas for Beauty Junkies

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The season for giving is just around the corner and it’s time to get cracking on sourcing for presents. That is why for the next few days Style Vanity will provide Christmas gift ideas for every person in your life. And today, we’re featuring under $100 gift ideas for beauty junkies.

Buying a gift for a beauty junkie is actually easier than most men thought. As a woman, we all know this. Unlike other gifts, receiving beauty products will make most women happy. Even if you bought her unknowingly something she already have, it’s okay, and it’s a plus if it’s her favorite. It means more stock for her and she saved money. The gift ideas below all cost under $100 that will definitely make any woman happy and it can be a cute stocking stuffer as well.

under $100 gift ideas for beauty junkies | urban decay ud gwen stefani eyeshadow palette

1. Urban Decay UD Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette ($58): Forget the Urban Decay Naked Vault Volume II, if you know anything about Gwen Stefani, you know she’s got a seriously vibrant style. Take after the iconic singer with this exciting eye shadow palette that allows you to craft nearly any look under the sun. It’s also a limited edition but it’s easier to get than the Naked Volume II.

under $100 gift ideas for beauty junkies | le labo liquid balm

2. Le Labo Liquid Balm ($85): Every woman should have a travel-sized fragrance that makes tired travelers smell like a million bucks.

3. Le Labo Discovery Set ($30): If you think I love Le Labo because I often feature them on my site… it’s true! This Le Labo set is also perfect for women on the go but the difference between this and the liquid balm above is that you’ll get five different Le Labo fragrance for only $30! Isn’t that great? You might want to get one for yourself also.

under $100 gift ideas for beauty junkies | herbivore botanical all natural cleansing soap bars

4. Herbivore Botanical All Natural Cleansing Soap Bars ($14): We all have that friend who prefers to use a natural beauty product. So gift her with this charcoal and pink clay soap bar. They both work to remove toxins from the body, allowing her to get a feel-good clean that’ll carry her through the day. This natural cleansing soap bar nourishes, hydrates, and replenishes skin.

gift ideas under $100 for beauty unkies | ESSIE HOLIDAY MINI NAIL COLOR KIT

5. Essie Holiday Mini Nail Color Kit ($13): Anything mini is perfect for a stocking stuffer, and Essie is a great gift all the time. This limited-edition set has five festive colors to celebrate the season with.

Do you like these under $100 gift ideas for beauty junkies, will you consider these for your stocking stuffer?