I’m not going to write a long opening paragraph and just go straight to the point because there are only three reasons why you’re reading this post: 1) You’re a regular visitor; 2) You’re curios on these last minute ideas; or 3) You’re desperate to find a good and easy last minute Halloween costume ideas.

As a former cosplayer, I suck! Because I couldn’t actually give you that. But I know someone who can. Her name is Kelly and I’ve stumbled upon her blog called Studio DIY which is full of amazing DIY projects. So if you love DIY, go visit her blog now! But if you have no time to browse it to find those easy last minute Halloween costumes I’ve been talking about, just scroll down.

DIY Donut Costume

1. DIY Donut Costume: If you have a round pool tube floater, then you’re almost set. Grab some materials and you can go to your party… or trick or treat as a donut. Or for something faster, you could just buy a Donut Pool Floater and attached strings to it like instructed from the tutorial.

DIY Pineapple Costume

2. DIY Pineapple Costume: This is really the most easy costume in this list and perfect for those desperate last minute idea. Just find yourself a yellow dress and rock a DIY pineapple headdress. Instructions are in here.

DIY Burger Costume

3. DIY Burger Costume: If you have a brown dress and shoes, then maybe you might like to attend the Halloween party as a burger. All you have to do is the patty + lettuce belt and buy a large fries.

DIY Ice Cream Cone Costume

4. DIY Ice Cream Cone Costume: If being a burger does not sound good to you, then maybe you’ll like to be an ice cream cone. Another practical yet cute costume and definitely everyone’s favorite dessert.

Mean Girls Mouse Duh Costume

5. I’m A Mouse Duh Costume: Sometimes you don’t really have time. If you’re really out of time and can quote Mean Girls movie lines even your super hammered then get your white t-shirt and do this.

Do you like any of these easy last minute Halloween costumes? For more ideas including couple and group Halloween costume ideas, visit this page.