how to grow your blog
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One of the most common question new bloggers and people who are thinking to start a blog ask me is how to grow their blogs. Like how to gain more followers and how to make people visit their blogs, etc. To be honest, at first I really don’t know. I thought if I just made a blog and create quality posts, they will come eventually. Well, I must say I was a little bit naive back then. It turns out you must be social media savvy, learn at least basic HTML, SEO and so on. Although all of those are really important and I highly recommend you learn those things; I learn one easy way how to grow your blog and that is host a giveaway. It makes sense because people loves freebies and that’s a fact!

Top 3 Most Popular Giveaway Prizes:

1. Gift Cards

Gift cards is the MOST popular giveaway prize ever! Because it is as good as cash. Instead of giving away a pair of new shoes or a set of beauty products; most participants prefers gift cards because they can buy what they really want from the shop. The most popular gift cards to giveaway are Amazon, Sephora and Nordstrom.

2. Beauty Products

For some reason beauty product giveaways are more popular than fashion items. Probably because most people like to try beauty products for free before they actually buy it. So if a new brand is launching a new product and a blogger is giving it away for some of their readers, it’s a sure success.

3. Gadgets

Do I need to explain further why is this so popular? Although this is the most rare stuff to giveaway but it’s always a huge success. Cameras, laptops, tablets, or even an Android watch; whatever it is, no doubt, a lot of people will participate on it.

You can giveaway anything, seriously. But make sure it matches your audience and your blog niche. For example, if you’re a fashion blogger giving away a coupon to a restaurant might not be popular to your audience. Obviously, food bloggers will gain more from it than you. Get what I mean?

There are two ways to host a giveaway to your blog and it is:

1. Through a Sponsor

You can find a sponsor for your giveaway. You can approach your favorite brand or get help from blog networks. Just make sure you have a media kit ready for them to see you latest audience stats. But there are times too that brands will approach you directly to host a giveaway with them.

2. Fund it yourself

If you cannot find a sponsor for you giveaway, or you cannot find the right sponsor who will agree with your terms, you can fund the giveaway yourself and there’s nothing wrong with that. In this way you have more freedom.

3. Join a group giveaway

One of the most popular giveaways these days are the so-called group giveaway, or loop giveaways on others. In here, you don’t have to fund the giveaway yourself. You and other fellow bloggers with the same niche will fund the giveaway and help each other grow. You can find and join giveaways like this through blogger networks, Blogger’s Facebook groups and in here:

  • Style VanityYup, I organize group giveaways as well. Focusing on fashion & beauty gift cards or items, such as Lip Kit by Kylie. For more details on how to join our monthly group giveaway, visit this page.
  • Oh My Gosh BeckThis site is popular among bloggers who wants to join a group giveaway. They have monthly Amazon and Target Gift Card giveaways. And sometimes, they even host Apple MacBook Pro and iPad giveaways.


Although hosting a giveaway is very effective, I highly recommend that you prioritize creating good quality content on your blogs as well. It’s good to host some giveaways around 4 times a year or monthly if you like (for exposure) but it’s better to focus on creating quality content so people will come back to your blog even if you don’t have a giveaway. They may end up to be your loyal readers.

Hosting a giveaway is just a helpful way to attract people on your blog, but it doesn’t mean those who participated will be a loyal follower. The brutal truth is, some of them will just unfollow you after the giveaway is over. So when you host a giveaway and have fresh new followers make sure you have good quality content that will make them go back to your blog even after the giveaway is over, or if there’s no giveaway at all.

And that’s one of the many ways on how to grow your blog.