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What is Monday Projects?

So last week, I finally put my other blog online. And no, I’m not closing Style Vanity. This is my bread and butter!

Monday Projects

What is Monday Projects?

Well, it is NOT another fashion blog. It is a mashed-up of my two favorite things before I got into fashion and beauty. That I can assure you. It is simply an art and travel blog.

I named it after my least favorite day of the week and probably the MOST hated day by most people around the world. I’ll only update it once a week with my latest art or travel projects or musings. Less effort and stress. And yes, it’ll only be during Mondays. Maybe by doing that, I could make Monday a little less hated.

Anyway, it’s only a week old so there’s not much posts in it yet but I can assure you there are now some good read in it.

I. Be A Tourist: How to Travel Cheap?

In that post, I blog about my secret to travelling in a low budget and how to discover new things to explore. I also gave tips on how to appreciate things around you that you might never notice before or you just ignore without realizing it.

II. How to Survive A Long Road Trip?

I love road trips and I do it as much as I can no matter where is the destination. (Shout out to all my road trip buddies! You know who you are.) That is why I think I have the right to say I’m an expert to it. In here I gave tips on how to survive a long road trip with your sanity still intact.

III. Color the Stress Away!

We all have our ways on dealing with stress. But have you tried doing it with creativity? I listed all the best adult coloring books that will surely help you shake off some stress. From amazing architecture coloring books to flowers, zen patterns and hotties like Ryan Gosling and Benedict Cumberbatch to Game of Thrones cast. Yes, Jon Snow lives! At least in your coloring book.

Visit Monday Projects now and let me know what you think!