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Feminism: What It Is & What It’s Not



Feminism is one of the most misunderstood movements out there. People hear the “F” word and automatically put their defenses up. It is assumed that Feminism is a movement of angry, bra-burning, man-haters who want to completely destroy the male population. This is incorrect. Feminism, as stated by Rebecca West, is the radical notion that women are people too. It is a movement of equality between all humans, regardless of their sex. It is the idea that no opportunity should be denied to someone because of the genitals they were born with.

Yes, I hear you. There are some feminists out there who are extremists and have put an incredibly negative image on a positive movement because of their own personal words/actions. People assume that ALL feminists are the extreme because the minority is louder than the (sane) majority. A portion will never equal the whole.

what is feminism?

Let me share with you for a moment what feminism is NOT.

  • It is not a movement to destroy all men on the planet. Women do not band together the 2nd Thursday of every month to plan to castrate men for feminist fun. Sorry. It is not an anti-penis movement. Just cause you don’t have a hoo-ha doesn’t mean we hate you.

“Being a feminist doesn’t mean you blame every single individual man for hundreds of years of oppression.” –Sam K.

  • Feminism is not a movement to promote promiscuity. It simply wants to let women know that what they do with their bodies is their personal choice and that others have no right to shame them for it. Be who you want to be. Wear what makes you feel beautiful. Have sex. Don’t have sex. It is your choice. (As long as you are not hurting someone physically, verbally or emotionally)
  • It is not a “pro-victims” movement. Feminism isn’t running around sulking that the only thing they are is a victim of men. Feminists don’t want women to feel like victims. It’s the complete opposite. Women (and men) should not have to feel like victims.
  • Feminism is not a society of close-minded people.
  • It is not a “WOMEN RULE THE WORLD” movement. It’s not about raising women above men and completely knocking them off the totem pole. It is about equality for everyone and acknowledging that all humans have worth.

Now, what is feminism about?

  • It is about helping people to see that women are not a “weak” gender. Acknowledge that it is degrading to use “Pussy” “Bitch” “Cunt” or “….like a girl” as an insult because you are implying that it’s an insult to be a woman.
  • It’s about showing that we are Somebodies instead of Somebody’s. We belong to ourselves. We are our own unique person. Not JUST your mother, sister, daughter, etc.
  • It is about letting each and every single women feel good about the bodies they are in. There should be no shame thrown at you because you don’t look like the overly photo shopped women on all of the billboards. They don’t even look like that!
  • It is about recognizing that women and their feelings are valid at all times. Stop dismissing what a woman feels because she’s currently bleeding out of her vagina. Her words matter. Our opinions should also not be invalidated because of our emotions. To quote Jane Austen: we are “rational creatures”.
  • It demands that women have the rights to their bodies. Not the men in congress or any other form of government. My body, my choice. Thanks.
  • Sexism – not men- are the issue. It is imbedded in society. Men are taught as they grow up and shown by media how to think/act/talk/treat women. Women internalize sexism from what they see in the world.
  • Men’s issues matter too. That’s part of the equality in feminism. Men have pressures are standards to live up to just like women do but they don’t come off as severe in a male-dominant society.

Feminism is a positive, equality movement for both men and women. Remember, the next time you go to cringe at someone’s mention of the “F” word, the minority is not the majority.

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