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The Only Halloween Store You Need To Know

Disney Divas by Hayden Williams

Children dressing up for Halloween is such a nostalgic sight. They find innocent enjoyment in putting on a costume and, for a few hours, becoming someone else. Adults take great pleasure in this as well, with their year-round masquerade parties, hen and stag parties and other occasions where they can just dress up and let go.

Examples of all-time favorite costumes: Daisy of Great Gatsby, Cat Woman and a sexy Marie Antoinette

While Halloween stores are generally only open for two or three months out of the year, costume shops are aware of the need for fancy dress at all times of the year and operate accordingly. Stores such as Smiffys feature a wide range of costumes for adults, children and even pets, for many types of costume-wearing occasions. Whether you’re looking for a sultry femme fatale to charm the guests at a masquerade party, a fun-loving clown as entertainment at a child’s birthday party or even licensed characters such as Woody Woodpecker, Bananas in Pyjamas and Angry Birds, there’s something for everyone’s tastes.

Such costume shops also offer other important elements of fancy dress, including accessories, cosmetics and wigs. Some costumes don’t look right without those finishing touches. Makeup is an integral part of many disguises, whether it’s false eyelashes and fingernails for a temptress or sickening wounds and scars for a zombie or other grotesque creature. Wigs come in many lengths, styles and colors, both natural and fantastical, to create looks as varied as Japanese anime characters or more realistic people. With a little browsing, you can find the look that’s perfect for you.