This post was posted last December 8, 2012. LAST UPDATE: June 30, 2016

blogger must have

So you already thought about your blog’s awesome name and also which platform you will use. Beginners mostly go for then switch to self-hosted WordPress if their blog grew (But I suggest opting for WordPress or Tumblr, they’re better, trust me). But that’s not what I’m going to teach you. I have been blogging for more than four years now, naming your blog seems so hard but actually it’s just the start. There are so many things that you should be concern about like traffic, followers, SEO and other more sh**.

When I started blogging I thought it was just choosing the blogging platform, the domain name, find your niche and then keep writing, the audience and followers will come eventually and I will be as popular as Chiara Ferragni and earn money from blogging. BUT NO, it’s not that easy nowadays. Now you must have a solid business plan and people (and tools) that could help you be a better blogger.


Want to have a better blog? Then get these bloggers must have:

  1. A community that could help you grow – An online community is a great place to know fellow bloggers and gain loyal followers as well. In group like that you’ll meet all kinds of bloggers from newbie, mid-influencers and even some successful bloggers that are happy to help you. So when joining a blog community, it’s better to join something that would suit your blog’s niche. For example, if you’re a female traveler, you can join Girls vs. Globe, or if you’re a college student (or in grad school) you could join Her Campus Blogger Network. The networks does not only have a great community but they also offer opportunities for members to earn money from blogging. Another great online community to join is Independent Fashion Bloggers which is actually the first ever blog community that I joined.
  2. Social Media Accounts – because social media is the BEST place to get more traffic to your blog especially in Pinterest and Instragram where everyone is addicted to. Seize the opportunity by snapping a photo of your upcoming blog post (sneak preview) and pin the photos of your latest blog post. But make sure the photos are attracted enough to make people repin or like it and follow your account. And yes, Facebook and Twitter is still important, that’s where you could connect like actually “converse” with your followers.
  3. Have a weekly or monthly email campaign – Gather email subscribers and send them a newsletter monthly or weekly (which ever you prefer) to update and excite your subscribers on what’s new on your blog. This is one of the best way to increase your blog’s traffic. Though doing campaigns like this is kinda expensive because email software are pricey but good thing Mailchimp is FREE! Well, it’s limited. Their free service is for a maximum of 2000 subscribers only and you are only allowed to send 12000 newsletter a month which is not bad for a beginner. NOTE: The best way to gain newsletter subscribers is displaying a widget in your sidebar and bottom of your post. Make sure it will be easy for your readers to sign up like they only have to enter their email and click submit or else they’ll get lazy.
  4. Have a traffic tracker – it’s important to track your daily, weekly and monthly visitor. It’s essential when your starting to have advertising or sponsorship opportunities in your blog. The first thing advertisers and sponsors will ask are “What is your monthly traffic?” and it’s okay if it still less than 10,000/month than to lie about it because they will find it out eventually. There are software for those. To track your blog’s stats, sign up to Google AnalyticsIt is the best website to track your blog’s performance. Plus, joining blogging community like HerCampus and networks like BlogHer requires you to submit your traffic report from Google Analytics.
  5. Media Kit – Speaking of advertisers, it’s better if you have an updated media kit rather than just sending your stats via email like a letter. Learn how to make media kit that ROCKS through this blog post by Blog Maven.
  6. An account where advertisers could pay you – In other words, create a PayPal account! No matter where you live, or even if you have a bank account, it’s better if you have a PayPal account because majority of advertisers and ad networks will pay you through it. It is the safest place to receive and send money plus it’s free! Another tip, get a US bank account. Some advertisers prefer paying through a bank account, luckily, Payoneer can provide with a US bank account (without a US address), as well as UK and Japanese Bank accounts. For more details, visit their site here.
  7. Hemingway App – Your blog posts should have proper grammar, also it seems like every blog must have English translation nowadays. So if English is not your first language or not really good in English grammar, you must have an Hemingway App. Named after one of the legendary writers of the 20th century, this app will help you. Just create your post in there first, not directly to your blogging platform and it will highlight all the errors. Although it cost around $7 but it’s a small investment. It’s available for both Windows and Mac OS.

Are you a blogger? What are you must-haves?