Summer season requires us to flaunt a lot of skin. Not because there’s some competition or anything, but it’s really hot and in some places, very humid. Plus, who the hell wears tons of layers in the beach anyway? Of course when this comes into our minds, we don’t want this:

Okay, we may want that hot guy with us on the beach but we don’t want hairy legs like his. We want this:

naked female legs

But achieving hair-free body and especially bikini line can be quite a battle, thankfully, we’ve got options. Scroll down to see the best hair removal products for summer, from a gel to slow down hair growth, to a cooling tonic which all nourishes out skins at the same time.

whish shave savour hair inhibiting gel review | best hair removing products

1. Whish Shave Savour Hair Inhibiting Gel ($26): This is one of the best and highly rated hair removal products according to Rank & Style and I’m not surprised why. You’ll end picking up the razor less often by using this hair inhibiting gel which is all-natural and slows down hair growth while hydrating skin. definitely perfect for summer.

whish deodorants wipes review | best hair removal products

2. Whish Deodorant Swipes with Hair Inhibitor ($22): This will sound gross but I have to admit (for the sake of this post) I have a very awful body odor. That’s why I cannot live without my deodorant. The reason is my diet (I eat a lot of spices, almost all actually) and it has something to do with my genes too. One of the things that bums me is that I cannot apply my deodorant for 24 hours after I used my hair removal cream. Yet I don’t want to shave my armpits with razor because it causes ingrown hairs and bumps. That’s why I love the person who invented these deodorant wipes. It fits into your clutch *and* slow underarm hair regrowth. No b.o. on the go!

Soften Her Soften Stubble review | beat hair removal products

3. Soften Her Soften Stubble ($12): Ingrown hairs are the worst! When it comes to this, trust me, I know all about it. However, shit happens, they happen. So ward off future incidents with these exfoliating pads that can be used in place of a razor and also nourish skin.

shaveworks the cool fix review | the best hair removal products

4. Shaveworks “The Cool Fix” Targeted Gel Lotion ($25) & Lip And Brow Formula Post-Wax Rollerball ($21): You’ll love the cooling sensation of this gel and rollerball that targets ingrown hairs, razor bumps, burns and redness. They use exfoliating ingredients to release hairs trapped under the skin, kill bacteria and more, making removing hair a smooth process. But what I like about this the most is that it comes with rollerball for our upper lips and brows!

bliss ingrown eliminating pads

5. Bliss Ingrwon Hair Eliminating Pads ($38): When you need to attend to your situation between waxing and shaving, use these pads that are soaked in green tea and oat extract. They gently exfoliate and prevent against pesky ingrowns, moisturizing skin all the while.

NOTE: All these products mentioned will help you prevent ingrown hair so you’ll shave less. But when it comes to removing hair entirely I use Veet Ready-To-Use Wax Strips For Leg & Body ($10) and Veet Hair Removal Gel Cream Sensitive Formula ($8).

Which of these hair removal products would you like to use? And by the way, if you’re looking for safe and effective at-home permanent hair removal tools, stay tuned for my next beauty post.