top summer nail colors

Time to rest those moody shades of winter. Summer is here! And I’ve said that in my five previous posts already. As much as we love those plums and burgundy nail polishes, it’s time for something a little brighter, more vibrant for this season. Here are the best summer nail colors:

1. Sparkling Blues

best summer nail colors

Sparkling blues also known as “mermaid shades” is the number one trendy nail color this summer. Metallics aren’t just about classic silver and gold this season, they’re going iridescent and getting color in shades straight from the ocean. Sparkling sea blues and aqua mermaid tail scales — it’s all about glittery metallics that are Ariel-approved.

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Polish in Make Waves, $4.99, available at

2. Budding Greens & Mints

summer nail colors

This season, it’s moving away from the typical Tiffany blue and getting into pastel greens. These shades will look steller in some nail art.

OPI Nail Lacquer in That’s Hula-rious, $9.50, available at Ulta.

3. Sandy Nudes

summer nail colors

Instead of the typical light beige a more natural color is coming into play. The other interesting part? These hues are ultra opaque. They’re not creamy or pinky, they’re tan — like sand. Hues like this is a favorite during summer because if they chip it won’t be immediately noticeable, if it is close to your natural skin tone.

Deborah Lippmann Shifting Sands, $18, available at Neiman Marcus.

4. Vivid Violets


best summer nail colors

Baby pink nails need a time-out this summer. Instead, go for a bright purple. The shade so alive, it’s nearly neon and ready to party.

Julep Denise Bombshell, $14, available at Julep.

5. Highlighter Chartreuse

best summer nail colors

This one goes out to all the cool-girls who ain’t afraid to get a little wild with their manicures. Yellow nail polishes are back and more brighter than ever! But if you’re scared to go full on this hue, try an accent nail or a colorful tip.

Julep Abbie It Girl, $14, available at Julep.

6. Pineapple

summer nail colors_7

If you think you really can’t pull off the hue above, the try mellow yellow. But step it up a notch with this pineapple-hued shade that comes equipped with bursts of color.

OPI Nail Lacquer in Pineapples Have Feelings Too $10 available at Ulta.

7. Fluorescent Coral

summer nail colors

If you don’t want to stray from the pink family, don’t fret, this firey orange-red can please you. It’s bright, it’s bold, it’s hot!

China Glaze Red-Y To Rave, $3.20, available at Ulta.

Which of these summer nail colors will you rock this season?