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The Round Beach Towel You Will Soon See Everywhere

Whenever we hear that “summer is here” the first thing that pops in our head are vacation, beaches or picnics. I’m sure most of you hurriedly opens your smartphones or laptops to know the best destinations, recipes for picnics, and even create a checklist of what you should buy. With all that massive planning, I bet there’s one essential accessory you haven’t thought about yet: A beach towel or picnic rug. Sure, these pieces aren’t usually considered a fashion girls’ most critical summer accessory, because you can always borrow a picnic rug from mom and we always have towels considering we don’t buy it often. But after stumbling upon one particularly cute and clever hybrid  of a round beach towel and picnic rug on Instagram, you might just have to reshuffle your shopping priorities.

You may not have heard of them before but you will know them very well soon. Australian brand, The Beach People, is turning up on every fashionable boho girl’s Instagram accounts. Their striking round beach towels are large enough to double as a picnic rug (handy!), it comes in a bunch of prints (chic!), is fringed around the hem (trendy!), and is available online riiiight now.

the beach people large round towel

Photo via @kimijuan

the beach people large round towel

Photo via @jeslie_

the beach people large round towel

Photo via @keelsoldaker

Check out their beautiful designs:

The Beach People Majorelle & Aztec Round Towels

The Beach People Amaroo & Paradis Round Towels

The Beach People Large Round Beach Towels cost around $99-$110. For more designs, visit their website here.