Everyone loves to go shopping. New clothes can make you feel beautiful and confident, like you could take on the world. But there’s also something to be said for your classic pieces, the go-to ones that make you feel like a million bucks and always make you look like a knock-out.

Unfortunately, your favorite pieces can’t last forever. However, you can extend their wearability by properly washing them! Take a look at some of these tips on how to keep them looking like new for seasons to come.

making your clothes last longer

Launder Your Bras Properly

A good bra is an investment piece. Most of us only own a few that fit properly, so it’s important for them to keep their support and shape for as long as possible. Take some advice from this “How to Care for Lingerie Guide” guide. For example, they suggest hand washing each one of your bras in lukewarm water. Be sure to use delicate fabric soap and gently massage each piece until the dirt and grime is removed. Next, rinse cold until the water runs clear. Then, gently squeeze out the remaining water and lay flat or hang to dry.

Avoid the Dryer

According to this guide on making clothes last longer, you should avoid using the dryer when possible because high heat can fade and shrink material. The extreme heat can also breakdown the elasticity of material, stretching out the shape of your pieces and making them look less flattering. Instead, you should lay your pieces flat to dry or hang them. If you must use the dryer, opt for the tumble dry low setting.

Wash With Like Materials

You probably already know that you have to wash the same colors with one another. If you make the mistake of throwing one red sock in with a load of whites, you’ll be suddenly left with a wardrobe full of pink clothes. However, you may not understand how important is to wash like fabrics with one another.

If you have a piece of delicate fabric, wash it with similar pieces to minimize pilling, fading, discoloration, and excessive wear. If you’re washing something rough, like jeans, wash them inside out and make sure that they’re not washed with pieces that can be snagged by the zipper or protruding buttons. If you’re unsure which pieces should go with what, check the tag for a material description and laundering instructions.

If your current clothes need a little revamping, you could re-dye them to make your blacks blacker, your reds redder, and your purples more… well, purple-y. Washing your clothes correctly from the get-go should help you avoid that chore, though, and if you need more help, just head to this Real Simple post. As long as you follow a few of these tips, you shouldn’t have to go shopping for new clothes for a while—well, only if you don’t want to of course.