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Comfy Cashmere Items for Your Chic Everyday Wear



Looking for chic cashmere pieces to mix and match for your everyday casual wear? Get started with these highly sought-after pieces and experience the wonderful comfort of high style.These fashionable pieces will be valuable in your wardrobe, letting you have fun in creating vibrant and comfy outfits.

Side slit poncho

With this innovative styleof poncho, you can have tons of options for the rest of your outfit and look effortlessly stylish. Whether you’re feeling just slightly under the weather or you want a less dressy outfit of the day for the office or for a casual day out, this fashion piece will fit perfectly with whatever style you have in mind.

Open cardigan

Who doesn’t love cardigans? This highly fashionable style staple can be worn with different shirts or blouses and it fits perfectly for both casual dates and for your office look as well. An open-style cashmere cardiganwill let you have that cozy, luxurious feel while letting you look gorgeous. You can pair up this cashmere piece with a stylish dress or with a simple tee or chic blouse and you’re ready to go.

Travel wrap

Going somewhere for vacation or work? Put together your travel ensemble with a wrapthat gives you additional comfort and easy styling option as well. Celebrities have been all over this trend, having their photos snapped in their fave cashmere wrap, whether on the red carpet or in airports. Now you can have this luxurious style option as well. This piece can also be worn during particularly chilly weather or for your casual style.


You can’t have a complete cashmere wardrobe without including a particularly cozy tee. Many chic tee styles abound for your choosing, whether you want a striped designor a piece that will add a pop of color to your outfit for any day. Cashmere tees are absolutely comfortable, letting you bask in the feeling of wonderful warmth while allowing you to mix and match up your style in a simple, non-fussy way.

Cashmere has long been hailed as a fashion and comfort must-have, a real best friend when it comes to nippy weather or for any casual day out. Giving you the wonderful combination of modern and cozy style, this is one effortlessly chic piece you can’t miss out on, perfect for a daily dose of easy fashion.

Women all over the world are passionate when it comes to their everyday cashmere outfits, because who doesn’t love cashmere? Spread the love and say hello to an ultra-stylish, cashmere-enthused wardrobe.

Sophie White is a fashion blogger based in Australia. She has a keen eye for the latest in fashion, hairstyles, shoes and more, dedicating her time to everything about the fashion world.  With her passion for quality and elegant style, she leads the online marketing campaign for White + Warren, a knitwear brand in New York.