life changing habits to save money
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Saving money is a very important skill, especially in the present times, when the prices of commodities are reaching sky high but incomes are not increasing proportionately. Saving money however, is much easier said than done. Thus here are some innovative ways to save money.

1. Start saving today

The more money you save the less is available to you to spend. Open a saving’s account to save money for the future and that way you can limit the amount of money that you can spend. The best thing to do is to have a savings account where you deposit a certain amount at the start of every month or have an automatic deposit account at your workplace so that an amount is deducted from your salary when you receive it. This will help to not only save present expenditure but will also help you in future emergencies. However it is also important that while maintaining your savings account you don’t run into debts. Don’t take unnecessary loans or lend money uselessly from your friends or colleagues. This will help you to reduce unnecessary spending as well helping you to keep a clean account

2. Make food and other eatables at home

People living in cities waste a lot of money in buying food from restaurants and hotels instead of making them at home and thus saving a lot of money. Instead of going to a cafeteria make your morning tea or coffee at home, take homemade food for lunch at your workplace or school and the list goes on. Making food at home not only saves money it also makes us healthier and stronger. Also, restaurants and takeaways levy extra service tax and VAT on the food they serve thus reducing your bank balance every time you eat out.

3. Try public transportation and alternate modes of transport

With fuel prices going through the roof, public transport is a much better option for daily commuters than private ones. Using public transport not only helps you save money but also causes less pollution than private transport. Apart from public transport you can also try other modes of transportation such as cycling or walking to nearby places. This will also help you to be healthy and fit along with reducing your expenditure. Alternate fuel driven vehicles such as one that run on CNG or electricity also help you save money to a certain extent.

4. Stick to your shopping list

When we visit supermarkets we tend to buy commodities which may be classified as luxuries, i.e. things that we can do without. Thus it is very important to make a shopping list before going out for shopping and to stick to the list that we have made. Always try to reduce the number of luxury items that you buy at a supermarket and try to go for the basic commodities first and then if your budget permits then get one or two luxury goods only. It is also important that the shopping list is made keeping your needs in mind as buying excess commodities will only result in them being wasted. If you shop online don’t forget to search for discount vouchers on different sites like,, etc. You can get upto 80% discount at Lazada, 250PHP off at Zalora and similar discount at other online stores under different offers.

5. Reduce the number of expensive addictions

Reduce your bad habits such as smoking cigarettes or drinking and it will work wonders on your overall savings. A lot of money is wasted uselessly in maintaining these bad habits which are both bad for your health as well as for your savings. These addictive substances can take a serious toll on your life and can lead to death. While it is impossible to completely eradicate these habits in a day, one can certainly reduce the amount being consumed. Reduce the number of cigarettes that you smoke or your everyday drinking sessions and slowly you will be able to leave these habits for good.

6. Save energy and save money

Reduce your electricity bill and save money. Switching off fans and lights when not needed, using energy saving appliances, working during daytime can help you in a big way towards reducing your energy costs. You can also use alternative energy sources such as solar or biogas energy as a substitute to traditional energy and electricity sources. This will help you to not only reduce your monthly expenditure but will also help in reducing pollution and global warming.

In the above few simple ways you can save a lot of money every day. However, above all it is important that you have the will power to save money and you will find a way.