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They say a woman’s hair is their crowning glory so obviously, it has to be healthy because nobody wants a head of straw. But thanks to hair coloring, blow drying, unhealthy diet and environmental pollution, our hair loses its natural beauty and ends up damaged. Below are four ways you can do to repair damaged hair:

ways to repair damaged hair | blow drying

1. Turn the heat down

You don’t have to completely quit blow-drying. Just do it right. Your hair will be much better off if you start blow-drying when it isn’t dripping wet. And when you dry it with a towel making sure to blot, don’t rub. If you’re just staying at home or not going to sleep yet after a shower, refrain from using a blow dryer, wrap your hair in a towel and let it dry naturally instead. But if you need to dry it fast, make sure you will not stretch your hair with a brush while you incinerate it with a blow-dryer. It’s not good for your hair’s health! And only buy blow dryers that have a cool air option, the cooler air will help lock in the moisture in your hair so less damage.

But if you’re using flat irons, please, do not overoxposed your hair in it. Read the manufacturers’ instructions and don’t exceed the maximum suggested time. (It’s typically about five seconds.) And as much as possible only use a flat iron once a week, and use the best flat iron, preferably opt for ceramic types only.

ways to repair damged hair | Woman washing hair in bathroom sink

2. Shampoo Smartly

Hairstylists love to say you can reduce the times you shampoo to three times a week. But if you have fine and/or oily hair, that’s not really an option for you. Instead of skipping shampoo, try to do it smartly. Thoroughly drench your hair with water before you lather up, then concentrate on just the hair two inches closest to the scalp, since that’s where sebum collects. And rinse really, really well under the coldest water you can stand. If you hate cold shower, just suck it up! Remember, you want healthy and beautiful hair. Or in Tagalog, ginusto mo yan eh!

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3. Have a healthy diet

A dry hair is sometimes caused by unhealthy diet. Because of fast food, junk foods and other more foods full of preservatives, more and more people are getting unhealthy thus relaying to maintain the beauty of their hairs to hair stylists and their treatments that have full of chemicals which is not good because it will weaken the roots of our hair in time. So it’s better if you start having a proper diet and add foods rich in protein, vitamin B, iron and so on. You can see the full list of foods for a healthy and shiny hair in here.

Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner (2)

4. Use a Good Conditioner

If you have the time and money to hit the salon every four weeks, great. Everyone else? Just get a good conditioner like the Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner Total Damage Care. It smoothens 3 months of damaged in just three minutes. Besides that, it also promises to strengthen your hair and prevent split ends. I tried this product myself and it really improved my hair. It is now smooth and smells so nice like strawberries (a strawberry flavored Frutella candy to be exact) for up to 48 hours.

You can get a 340mL Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner Total Damage Care Zalora for Php259.00 ($6) or in your nearby drugstore. People from the US can try to find this Pantene product here.