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Beauty in Hand: This Year’s Most Elegant Trends in Clutch Bags

2015 trends in clutch bags

2015 trends in clutch bags

Clutches have a long history in evening and formal wear, offering an elevated canvas for designers to compliment the most stunning looks with understated touches and exquisite detailing.

2015 may be the year of the clutch, with designers moving en masse to put their own signature stamp on this sophisticated classic. The spring season brings with it an array of high-end looks that can bring a cocktail dress to another level or even add refined style to a less jovial ensemble.

Reptile Print

Reptile prints are a standby in more polished applications, and make a natural choice in material for this springs clutch revival. Luxurious leather, reptile and synthetic clutches catch the eye with their richly textured appearance, and as these materials are among the easiest to pair and wear, you’ll have plenty of options for putting your beautifully crafted clutch front and center.

Several design houses made extensive use of printed leather in their spring collections including Emporio Armani and Balenciaga, but these looks are easy to replicate with more accessible pieces.

Metallic Embellishments

Few small touches enrich the look of an accessory like well-employed metallic embellishments such as contrasting zippers, buckles, and emblems, and this eye-catching trend is receiving special emphasis as the temperatures rise in 2015.

For proof, look no further than the spring/summer exhibitions from the usual suspects such as Fendi, Versace and Dolce &Gabbana, but we see this element making appearances far beyond the runway as party season moves into full swing.


Beyonce made plenty of waves with her ensemble during an appearance at New York’s fashion week in February, and much was made of her fur clutch, a core element of her distinctive look.

Although fur may not be a material choice that will endure through the summer months, it’s a fun acknowledgement of the reluctantly exiting winter with an eye toward the bolder fashion statements of the warmer months. Charles Elliot Harbison is the mind behind the original design seen on the pop queen, but we believe this look may have legs as we move through March and into the late spring.

The clutch bag has long been recognized as a symbol of elegance, but designers are finding new ways to infuse these timeless pieces with different takes on elevated style. The most successful formal and evening looks of the 2015 spring season will be accentuated with clutch bags that will bring surprising new visions of elegance to the hands of smartly dressed women for many nights to come.