rock star photos as decorations - bob dylan photo

Photo William Waldron

I love this photograph of Bob Dylan by Jerry Schatzberg spotted in the home of Andrew Rosen and Jenny Dyer’s Manhattan apartment in Elle Decor (see more here). After I saw this photo in Pinterest a couple of years ago, I realize instantly that I want this in my house too. You see, I’m a huge fan of rock stars and bands, -from the iconic Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Doors, The Ramones, Bob Dylan, Kurt Cobain, to the more modern like The Killers, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Lenny Kravitz and so on- I love their music, it just rejuvenates me instantly when I listen to them. Besides t-shirts, I also love their photos in black in white, or in a very colorful Andy Warhol style. Taking a cue from the photo above, isn’t cool to use your favorite rock star photos as decorations, no matting, just in black frames? Below are some decor inspirations and where you could buy your favorite rock star’s photos to decorate in your house:

bob dylan by jerry schatzberg

You can use their photo as a decoration in your fireplace just like this another photograph of Bob Dylan by Jerry Schatzberg in the living room of Miss James of Bleubird spotted on instagram.

kurt cobain framed photo as house decoration

An affordable Kurt Cobain framed photo from Urban Outfitters for your living room.

john lennon NYC poster decor

Speaking of affordable, here’s an iconic framed NYC poster of John Lennon with one of his many famous quotes is perfect for a plain wall to look instantly like a gallery wall. Seriously, it’s very affordable! Only $19 without the frame of course.

the beatles abbey road wall art

Speaking of iconic, here’s a photo that launched countless copycats and made us think that it is safe and easy to pose for “cool photo” in the pedestrian lane, in the middle of the street. The Beatles’ Abby Road Wall Art available at PBTeen.

johnny cash photo as decoration

A Hatch Show Print of Johnny Cash in the home of Sfgirlbybay back in 2008 still stays current. See more Johnny Cash here.

debbie harry warhol print

Debbie Harry of the band Blondie and her famous Andy Warhol print. The poster version can be found here. (Photo Brian Aris via The Telegraph.)

mick jagger wall art

Mick Jagger Wall Art available in PBTeen

bob dylan wall art

Black and white in a boy’s bedroom. (Photo by Victoria Pearson via House Beautiful.)

bob dylan poster as decoration

Next to John Lennon, I think, Bob Dylan is the most photographed and commonly displayed in homes. His iconic hair and sunglasses are timeless like this one on a Bob Dylan framed wall art.

john lennon wall art decoration

Speaking of iconic, here’s the most famous John Lennon photo, framed and available in PBTeen.

kurt cobain wall art decoration

If you’re tired of monochromatic rock star photos as decorations, you can buy this Kurt Cobain (Singing Pink) print by Jesse Frohman instead, as seen in Real Living (Australia). (Photo via Nick Scott and styling by Sarah Ellison.)

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