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What to Wear on A Valentine’s Date Under $50?

February, my favorite month! Not only because it is the shortest month of the year, it’s because it is also my Birthday month and love is everywhere! There is only a few days left before February 14, if you haven’t figured out what to wear on a Valentine’s date yet, well, your in luck! Below is an array of stylish and affordable clothes from Zaful that you could wear on different kinds of romantic dates, from an outdoorsy to stay-at-home kind of date.

The Outdoorsy Date

Since February’s weather is still chilly, it may sound that outdoorsy type of date is not ideal. Actually, it’s not! It’s perfect for adventurous and outgoing couples. The romantic part? You could do activities under the stars and sometimes there are fireworks display specifically in Amusement Parks. You could also go to the nearest public park in your city, ride some bikes, have a picnic, join a public activity for the occasion and have a custom couple’s portrait from a local artist in there. Since that kind of date will have a lot of activities, wearing a dress or anything that has a skirt is not kinda a good idea, so a jumpsuit will be the best option for you.

what to wear on a valentine's date | jumpsuit

Check out this Zaful Floral Print Short Sleeve Jumpsuit ($34), the style is very feminine and sweet, good for a date. But what I like the most about it, is that it looks like a dress rather than a jumpsuit. You can wear it with stylish boots or cute flats, like those with cat faces or slip-ons with super rad graphic design that are so trendy right now.

The Classic Romantic Date

I think I don’t need to explain this type of date much further. But take note ladies, I know that sometimes when we hear “romantic dinner” the first thing that pops out in our head is to wear a cocktail dress specifically a little black dress that are Audrey Hepburn-ish. I’m not saying that it’s bad, but I recommend wearing something a little different this Valentine’s day. Something that will make your date say something like “wow, you look great!”

classic date dress

What I have in  mind this year for a classic date is a sheer dress with patterns that are strategically placed, which is a trend since 2013 that still refuse to go away. But don’t go too overboard a la Jaime Alexander on Thor: Dark World Premiere, think of something like Jennifer Lawrence wearing Dior on her Catching Fire Premiere: sexy but subtle and sweet, like this Crochet Flower 3/4 Sleeve Dress ($42) showed above.

The Stay-At-Home Date

Sometimes, the most memorable dates are the ones spent at home. Honestly, this is my preferred date. There are lot’s of people outside on Valentine’s day, the restaurants, parks and even clubs are full of people, more people than usual. My tips to this kind of date: take this opportunity to have a quality time together that you probably don’t often get. Watch movies, but please stay away from cheesy and predictable Katherine Heigel movie. And look for recipes that you will want to cook for the valentine’s dinner, but if you are also prone to injuries whenever in the kitchen then just order some take-out from a fancy restaurant. Then drink your favorite wine, and cuddle in the couch with your significant other while watching movies.

high slit dress

For this type of date, you can just be comfy and wear whatever you want. But don’t make it an excuse to wear sweatpants, after all it’s still a date! Make sure you’ll also look lovely like you’re off to somewhere fancy. Think of Carrie Bradshaw in the last scene of Sex & The City 2 movie, when she and Mr. Big are at home watching TV on the couch. This White Side Slit Backless Dress ($35) is perfect, it’s comfy, sexy and fancy for a stay-at-home date.

What are your plans this Valentine’s Day? Share below your plane and what you will wear on your date, I would love to hear them too.