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Sahar Foad Shows Modesty is Fashionable

Sahar Foad, Modest Fashion

In the latest installment of Style Vanity’s interview series highlighting the personal, creative and even professional journeys of fashion’s most dynamic people, I spoke with Sahar Foad of Essai: A Song of Fashion & Style.

Sahar Foad, Modest Fashion

Sahar Foad is a civil engineer from Cairo and one of the most popular personal style bloggers in Instagram with almost 50k followers. You might be thinking, “There are millions of popular personal style bloggers in Instagram already!” That is true, but what makes Sahar different from the others is she shows that modesty doesn’t require her to be unfashionable… and also having a job that probably requires her to wear steel-toe boots and hard hats will not stop her from being fashionable.

Her Story

“I am 23 years old. I spent my life between Cairo in Egypt and Dammam in Saudi Arabia. And I am a graduate of the faculty of engineering, civil engineering major.

The fashion scene is getting bigger each day in Egypt, more fashion magazines are being published, more fashion events, more blogs are appearing, and more fashion buyers and shoppers and it’s becoming more familiar to people here.

sahar foad

via @saharfoad Instagram

I have always been into fashion, styling and colours. I used to play with mom’s clothes, style them up and try them out and model them. I also used to spend a long time matching and mixing my outfit and choosing what to wear. Later I realized that I can take this to another step, and step by step here you are! Haha. And my passions are mainly anything related to art.

I am currently working in the office so I wear formal outfits as long as I am not visiting the sites haha. I usually wear something comfortable at work and I just add blazer or something, to add a little of a formal look.

 I have no rules when it comes to my style, I don’t care much about the common rules in fashion.

I love the dramatic outfits I always try to add a touch of drama to my outfits I am so inspired by the middle ages and its royal style and the huge little details in their amazing designs. I have no rules when it comes to my style, I don’t care much about the common rules in fashion. I try to do my thing in my own way and my own taste, even if it’s considered a fashion risk, as long as I like it.

My absolute favourite foreign designer is Alexander McQueen and my favourite Arabian designer is Krikor Jabotian. There isn’t a specific brand or store that I buy from but I spend hours exploring every store even if it wasn’t a famous brand or anything. Whenever I like a piece I get it no matter if it’s from a famous brand or not, but mostly I check the average priced brands like Zara, forever21, Mango, Stradivarius, Pull and Bear, H&M, SuiteBlanco, VeroModa and Topshop. I spend a lot on bags and shoes and accessories, more than I spend on the clothes and I spend much less on scarves.”

About Her Blog

“It is so hard to describe my own blog but I hope it is encouraging, inspiring, challenging, modest and positive.

I have always wanted to be a fashion designer so I started taking courses in fashion illustration then I became more into styling then I decided to start a personal style blog till I figure out what I am more into and get there. And then things started to get bigger with the blog and got me to where I am now.”

Sahar Foad, blog and instagram

Fashion Advice

“Believe in yourself and trust your taste, and to always work to improve and find ways of how you can get better. This is what I am always doing and trying to.”

-as told to Style Vanity last September 10, 2014. Note: This interview has been edited and condensed.