That fancy lifestyle that we also dream about does not come cheap and easy. If you intend to spend a luxurious weekend out, you should be more than willing to spend a few pounds. You cannot be thinking about a luxurious vacation trip yet you have plans to make your reservation in some cheap hotels in London, the two just do not go together. You should be will to spend in order to have a glimpse of the filthy rich lifestyle.

Therefore, if you feel in the mood of doing it big, you can check out these hotels to see if you can really hack it.

6) The Brook Penthouse Suite at Claridges

For a hotel suite that goes for about $7,550 per night, Claridges comes in at number six in our list of the most expensive hotel suites in London. If you are looking for both luxury and comfort, this is the hotel that you need to check in to. The Art Deco will provide you with an exquisite look that will captivate you as you check in. A butler is assigned to you the moment you arrive and is tasked with the duty of ensuring that your need are well taken care of. The walk in closets and the individual bar in the rooms give the suite a much more of a modern look.

5) The Mandarin Oriental

The Royal Suite found at the lavish Mandarin Oriental in Knightsbridge will provide you with a more or less a luxurious feel that will make you feel like a king or queen. However, to be able to enjoy this, you’ll have to part with a cool $8,700. The visitors are treated to an amazing three bedroom suite that will take care of you.

4) The Savoy

Throughout London, the hotel suite is best known for having one of the most stunning riverside views. For you to enjoy what the hotel has to offer, you’ll have to part with $9,000 plus a night. The Savoy is strategically located and you can get a clear view of the London Eye while at the hotel. One of the most recent developments of the hotel saw the hotel undergo a $4.2 million overhaul.

3) The Langham, Infinity Suite

At $10,200 per night the hotel suite ranks third in the list of the most expensive hotel suites in London. It is located on Regent Street, The Langham offers visitors with awesome Infinity Suite with the two bedroom suite offering you infinity bath with an exclusive spa.

2) The Lanesborough

The hotel suite’s strategic location sets it apart from the rest. The hotel suite overlooks the Buckingham Palace which gives it a unique look. For a night stay in The Lanesborough you’ll have to part with $13,200.

1)The Intercontinental Park Lane

Our travel blog site has ranked The Intercontinental Park Lane at the top of our list of the top most expensive hotel suites in the city of London. For a night sleep in the hotel, it would cost you a whooping $20,000 per night.  

*Photo via The Telegraph