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New Year Goals 2015

Before I start my very first blog post for 2015, let me wish you a Happy New Year! Hope you have a happy and fun-filled 2015.


Now people are, hopefully, over their hangovers both from alcohol and long holiday vacations. Now, it’s time to go back to work and fulfill your New Year resolutions.

Actually, this year my New Year’s Resolution is simple, I will not make a New Year’s Resolution that I couldn’t keep. So technically I didn’t made one, but I did created New Year Goals for my blog.

1. Just like my personal New Year’s  Resolution, I will not include something I couldn’t keep on my New Year Goals, so this will be short and realistic.

2. I will feature more Asian (including those from the middle east countires) and especially Filipino designers, brands and artists on my blog. I will not feature just someone who have a store or an online art portfolio. I will feature people who makes an impact, and true to his aesthetic.

3. I will start featuring morr people working in the creative industry especially in fashion and arts. Not only those who design but also those who writes, styles and everything that goes on behind-the-scenes… or prints.

4. I will feature more DIY and budget-friendly tips on style and beauty. After all, this blog is for for twenty-something ladies and gents who are starting in the “real world.”

5. Last, but surely not the least, I will listen more to my readers and follower’s feedback and suggestions… Starting now! Do you have anything you would like to see, improve or change in Style Vanity? Comment it below and I may consider it.

Lastly, what are your own New Year Goals and Resolution?