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5 Ways to Decorate your Rental Apartment

ways to decorate your rental home via the glamourai

Congratulations! You have a place of your own. But I’m sure is not exactly what you had envisioned when you were daydreaming about your own place. You want to be living in the home of your dreams, but instead (at least for now) you find yourself living in a boring rental apartment with off-white walls and rooms that in need of a serious overhaul? Well, it doesn’t have to be boring, in fact, it’s up to you on how to brighten it up.

Obviously, remodeling an apartment you don’t own isn’t an option. And neither is making an absolute mess of the walls and floors since you’ll probably want that security deposit back from your landlord. So you’re going to need to think about low-touch cosmetic fixes that’ll make a big impact.

With that in mind, here are 5 ways to decorate your rental apartment to make it feel like the home of your dreams.

ways to decorate your rental apartment


Photo via Renters Pages

1. Opt for furniture and pillows that is also pretty to look at.

Seek out furniture pieces, including pillows, that are fun and pleasing to look at. The residents of this apartment for rent in Halifax brightened up their beige bedding with some bright blue cushions. Get a load of that unique lamp on the sidetable too!

ways to decorate your rental apartment

Photo via mandynicoleb Pinterest

2. Decorate with your books

Have tons of books? Or just love collecting those coffee table books with oh-so-beautiful covers? Anyway, you can use them as a decor! When you think about decorating with books, you’re probably thinking that stacking them on the shelf is the only option. While that’s perfectly fine, but there are so many other ways to expand on that idea. Try color coordinating your books for an ombre look. You can even cut up your books and use them as cool things like jewelry boxes, planters or pencil holders.

ways to decorate your rental home via the glamourai

Photo via The Glamourai

3. Use Fashion Items as Decor

Your favorite fashion items don’t have to be relegated to the confines of your closet, as some of the most fashionable decor enthusiasts are using apparel and accessories as decor elements in their homes. For example, fashion blogger Kelly Framel of The Glamourai, alongside her stylishly decorated bed (which I highly recommend also in decorating a bedroom in a rental apartment) is a dress form, which she has styled to fit perfectly alongside her Southwest inspired decor. The great thing about this idea? Easily decorate the dress form with clothes you don’t use anymore to match your own decor style—whether it veers towards Hollywood glamour or 1960s mod.

ways to decorate your rental apartment

4. Throw rugs over dingy floors.

Stuck with wood floors that are in serious need of a redo, or even worse, horrible wall-to-wall carpeting? Take a cue from this rental apartment, don’t be afraid to add rugs over what’s already there.

5. Family photos will make all the difference.

Give your rental the feeling of home by having lots of family photos on hand. Hang them in vignettes, or consider creating a gallery wall that incorporates them mixed among other pieces.