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Getting Festive Trendy: Jazzing Up Christmas Decorations

As another Christmas season rolls around, it’s time to start thinking about transforming the home into a veritable winter wonderland. Some households may return to the same old holiday scheme year after year, but there are always opportunities to move with the times and incorporate more trendy ideas. If you’re looking to breathe new life into your holiday decor, consider some of these Christmas trends this season.

Christmas decorations - candles

It’s about the candles

For the ultimate in elegant dining, invest in some extra-long tapered candles. Design blogs are showing that they’re all the rage. They’re easily sourced from local shops and online retailers. These tall thin candles are sophisticated, romantic and infuse any tablescape with an air of dreaminess. Available in a range of colors, these dripless darlings are the perfect addition to any Christmas table.

 Christmas Decorations

Going natural

T’is the season to go natural. From burlap to foraged branches, sourcing natural elements for decorating is very popular this year. Think about stenciling snowflakes onto burlap for a rustic accent or arranging some moss covered twigs in a vase to bring some of the crisp winter landscape indoors. Untreated wood decorations are catching on and though some are rustic, there are modern iterations available as well to accommodate any style of home.

 Christmas decorations - Christmas tree

Being prepared with your Christmas tree

A handsome tree is the pièce de résistance of Christmas decorating. If your normal tree decorating scheme is looking a little tired, why not jazz things up festively with a pre-decorated tree? Not only are the trees themselves no hassle (no watering, no fallen needles all over presents) but the decorations come in all different color schemes and styles. For families who are hosting large numbers of guests or prefer to spend their holiday prep time baking rather than trimming the tree, pre-decorated Christmas trees are cool, contemporary and cut out some of the graft.

 Christmas decorations

A spot of DIY

Some might feel that stringing cranberries and popcorn is a touch too de rigueur for the sophisticated holiday decor scheme — well, they can think again. This year those rustic and organic touches are not only fashionable, they’re a chance to spend some quality holiday time with the family. Cut out some paper snowflakes, string up paper chains and invest in some sparkly spray paint which can be used on anything from walnuts to foraged sticks. Get creative this season for the ultimate in DIY decor.

Christmas is a truly magical time when spirits are lifted and families come together. For those looking to bring some contemporary style into this year’s holiday decorating, incorporate some of these ideas to complement and enhance any style of scheme.

Photos from 1 Kind Design