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2014 Top 100 Beauty Blogs

Woman being made up

Last year, Style Vanity was included in an infographic that ranks Top 100 Beauty Bloggers from different countries. It was my first time to be included in such a list and I proudly ranked 73rd. Fast forward to today, I just received a copy of the infographic again and I ranked up drastically. From 73, Style Vanity now ranks 25th on 2014 Top 100 Beauty Blogs.

I don’t want to get dramatic in here or thank people like I have won the Oscars, but I’m thanking you. Yes, you! It’s all thanks to you my followers and frequent visitors. If no one is reading my blog posts, Style Vanity wouldn’t even last for a year but it’s been 4 years now since I created this blog and I see only good things ahead. Although there had been upsetting moments, like haters and a fellow blogger insulting me on her Facebook page, but there were more good moments too and I’m focusing on that. Actually, I couldn’t even imagine my life without blogging! This is definitely one of the best thing that I ever did.

Anyway, back to 2014 Top 100 Beauty Blogs infographic. It was such an honor being included in this list of talented people, especially those who I admire like A Beautiful Mess and Thirsty Thought. Well, scroll down to see our ranking and discover more beauty blogs that will surely educate and inspire you.

Top 100 Beauty BlogsAn infographic by the team at Rebates zone