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Virtual Applications Revolutionising Eyewear Purchase

virtual eyewear try-ons

Picking out the right eye glasses is always a challenge. Not only is it time consuming to go from store to store trying on different frames, colours and shapes. But one is never sure if one really has made the right choice out of multitude of options. There is always the option of taking you friend or friends along with you to get a second opinion but it is often a hassle for both parties involved and not always practicable.

To facilitate, ease and enhance the overall buying experience, many eyewear stores have taken ‘try-ons’ to virtual space through revolutionary web applications capable of transforming the computer screen into a virtual store. Accessible via a web browser without having to download, these virtual stores allow you to try on every frame from the vast collection in real time, all from the comfort of your own home.

virtual eyewear try-ons

These applications allow you to follow a step by step procedure to find your true facial shape – namely round, oval, oblong, square, heart, rectangle and diamond – and guide you to your ideal frame shape, size and colour. You can browse through a multitude of designer brands and find the perfect sunglasses or even reading or prescription glass frames that suit you best. You can narrow down your search by entering details such as gender, frame type, material that the frame is made from (metal, plastic etc), price range, face shape and a brand of your choice. It is the ultimate photo-realistic eyewear fitting experience on web space.

The benefits of this virtual experience do not stop with consumers alone. They extend to companies also. By engaging customers using this interactive application, companies can create a deeply immerse shopping experience and significantly increase the amount of time customers spend on their site. The attractive and fun nature of this dynamic experience attracts more visitors and creates an overall buzz online. Clients can upload photos, supplement the photo with the frame of their choice and then share it on social media to get their friends’ opinion. This also provides positive publicity for the company’s site thereby increasing web presence and reach. Some companies have even developed mobile apps that can be downloaded onto smart phones and tablets and customers can virtually try on glasses in 3D. This allows them to view their face with the glasses on from different angles enabling them to make the most accurate decision possible.

Using such innovative, technologically current applications as marketing tools to stimulate active interest among customers contributes to reduced number of customers wanting to return the glasses or exchange them. This, combined with online payment facilities, will make the shopping experience painless and hassle-free. Here customers can customize, personalize, reserve and order online and receive the glasses they want at their doorstep. This refreshingly new, state of the art, virtual style of shopping will change buying experience for good.