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One to Watch: LuAnne D’Souza, Plus-Size Blogger

LuAnne D'Souza

“I dedicate most of my time helping women feel good about themselves… I use my blog as a tool for self-expression and personal growth.”

LuAnne D'Souza

LuAnne D’Souza, also known as Weesha, is a stunningly beautiful purple-haired plus-size girl who loves to dress up and uses fashion as a tool for confidence and creativity. She is a living proof that you can feel beautiful and stylish no matter what your size is. That is why the moment I stumbled upon her blog, I knew I wanted her to be featured in Style Vanity.

Her blog “Weesha’s World” is her online diary where she talks about plus-size fashion, beauty, inspirations and things that she’ve been through as a plus size girl like going to the gym, starving, bulimia, depression, and self harm that other girls like her may probably going through also. But in here, she talks about her city, style and fashion advice to plus size fashionistas. [Note: The transcript below has been edited and condensed.]

About Her

“I was born and raised in Dubai and I think this is why I’m attracted to sparkly stuff. Dubai is a super trendy and glamorous city and the style scene reflects it. We have a very mall-centric social scene so shopping is definitely a national hobby, and it’s completely normal to see women fully made up, and walking around in Louboutin stilettos. The fashion scene is definitely focused on high end designers and luxury.

I am passionate about a lot of stuff: animal rights, gender equality, style and fashion, etc. but the passion I dedicate most of my time to is helping women feel good about themselves. I think style and beauty don’t have to be these two things that make women insecure, they can empower us to feel great about our bodies and help us live kinder and more fearless lives.”

Her Blog

“It is ‘A Labour of Self Love.’ I started my blog because I was so frustrated with never seeing women like me represented in any form of the media, back then there were just a few plus size bloggers and they inspired me to start my own journey of body positivity and style. I use my blog as a tool for self-expression and personal growth. It’s the main reason why I am happier today, it’s helped me overcome my struggles with weight, self-esteem, an eating disorder, and I love that I have a platform to inspire women around the world to do the same!”

I make it a point to break all the fat girl fashion rules

Her Style

“It’s very hard for me to describe my style because it all depends on what I feel like in the morning. I never plan my outfits, it’s all an organic process and when I shop, I just buy what I like. There are some days where I’m girly in full midi skirts, or edgy in combat boots or bohemian in a fringed kimono. [And] my biggest style influence is definitely other bloggers, who needs a magazine when there’s heaps of style inspiration in my newsfeed every day?

I make it a point to break all the fat girl fashion rules, I wear shorts, miniskirts, crop tops, strapless dresses, stripes, white… It’s a long list. I like proving that fat girls can dress just as trendy as skinny girls 🙂 The one rule of fashion I would never break is over accessorizing, I think balance and composition are very important in an outfit.”

When it comes to clothes, Asos is my weakness, as is Forever 21 Plus, Boohoo Plus, New Look and Yours clothing. For bags and accessories, I love Nordstrom because you can score awesome deals on brands like Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Rebecca Minkoff, Kate Spade, Burberry, etc.

I don’t spend too much on trendy clothing because I know I won’t wear them for long, I always splurge on bags and watches because they are everyday items that last for years. Right now, my favorite and most precious piece is a Burberry watch I got for Christmas last year. It is the most beautiful jewelry I own and it’s so classic. I see myself wearing it for many years to come.”

Use your style as a creative outlet rather than a formula to blend in.

Next “Must-Have” Purchase

“I’ve always been a makeup junkie and lately, I’ve become obsessed with eye shadow palettes. I’ve set my sights on the Amreezy and Maya Mia palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills.”

Fashion Advice

“I think the best advice I could give anyone is to focus more on their personal style than fashion trends. Use your style as a creative outlet rather than a formula to blend in. Also, there really is value in embracing your body and stepping out of your comfort zone. It feels so empowering to not be controlled by what other people think, it definitely makes dressing up every morning and shopping a happier experience.”

-As told to Alyssa Martinez on September 4, 2014. Photos from I Am Weesha.