The iconic fashion designer, Kaiser Karl Lagerfeld, is reimagined as the world’s most famous doll. 

barbie lagerfeld
Barbie Lagerfeld

Yesterday was a big day for Karl Lagerfeld, besides the highly anticipated Chanel S/S15 show, it was also the day the much anticipated Karl Lagerfeld Barbie dolls was launched on the world. Barbie Lagerfeld comes dressed in Karl’s iconic look which consists of black leather, a white shirt and necktie, complete with gloves, and white ponytail. Though unlike Karl, she’s carrying a miniature quilted Chanel bag. But besides those things, below are 6 more facts about this 11.5-inch fashion icon’s new look.

1. Barbie herself was born in 1959 (making her 26 years Karl’s junior) and has had over 150 careers.

Barbie Lagerfeld and Karl Lagerfeld
Barbie and Karl Lagerfeld

2. Only 999 Barbie Lagerfeld dolls have been produced, each costs $200, as part of Mattel’s Barbie Collector series.

3. The doll was designed by Robert Best, who worked as a womenswear designer for Donna Karan before sending his portfolio to Mattel, where he has been working for nearly twenty years, dealing in all things tiny.

Barbie Lagerfeld Sketch by Robert Best
Sketch by Robert Best

4. The designer was also the person who designed doll versions of Audrey Hepburn, Heidi Klum, James Dean and Barbara Streisand, as well as Disco Barbie, Palm Beach Barbie and Versace Barbie.

5. Net-A-Porter Sold $200k worth of Barbie Lagerfeld in a single morning. And yes, they are already sold out.

Barbie Lagerfeld packaging
The Packaging

6. But don’t worry, thanks to the magic of resale, you can still get your own Barbie Lagerfeld on eBay. But it’ll cost you four times its original price. The lowest listed starts bidding at $900 and other listings go up to $3,500

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Source: Fashionista & AnOther