You must be wondering what on earth an Affinitas Cupcake Panty is. But before I tell you, let me ask you two questions and shout yes (even though I couldn’t hear you) if it applies to you.

  1. Is your circle of friends compose of girls, boys, and/or gays?
  2. Do you often go on a weekend getaway with them?

If you both shouted yes to these questions, then there is a chance you had some awkward moments with your friends and underwear during a weekend getaway. I admit, I had some of those “awkward and embarrassing underwear moments” like a guy friend saw me in my underwear (twice, different guys, different places) because the bathroom door’s lock is broken and he didn’t knew I was inside.

His Reaction

My Reaction

Another time, a guy friend was borrowing my phone charger and I was busy helping another friend in the kitchen so I asked him to just get it on my bag himself. Obviously, he took out the wrong pouch first and yes, it is the pouch were I kept my panties. And another one, the most frequent one, the struggle to take out my panties from my bag. Often times on our weekend getaways, I cannot bring my bag in the bathroom because every corners are wet. So I just looked around like a drug dealer looking if there is an undercover cop around, and quickly took out my panty like some illegal drugs, then hid it inside my towel. But one time though, I didn’t realized, my panty dropped from the towel so everyone – again- saw it.

Looking back now, whenever those moments happen, we just laughed and joked about it afterwards. And maybe, it’s a funny story to tell to our grown up kids in the future.

Prevention to avoid running into the bathroom with your friend who is in his/her underwear is quite impossible, because you’ll never anticipate that the resort you rented has a broken bathroom door lock. But you can now always prevent the other awkward and embarrassing underwear moments with Affinitas Cupcake Panties!

So, what is Affinitas Cupcake Panty?

It is a unique panty inside a cupcake! Well, not literally a cupcake though. What makes the Cupcake Panty unique is the packaging. The packaging is an adorable, small cupcake silhouette. Hidden inside is a Cupcake Panty. No one knows what’s inside, but you!

Affinitas Cupacke Panty

This is what’s in my weekend getaway bag.

Besides my phone and wallet, for 2 days and 1 night, my weekend getaway bag usually consist of 2 dresses, 1 cardigan, sample size of shampoo, conditioner and lotion, makeup, deodorant, sunglasses, hand towel, comb, lots of extra hair band, fold-able toothbrush, 2 extra bras (not shown) and now, 3 cupcake panties. And thanks to Affinitas Cupcake panties, I no longer need to look around like a drug dealer when I take out my panty from my bag and it is definitely no longer going to fall from my towel also.

A Closer Look:

Affinitas Cupcake Panty

The Cupcake Panty is the perfect on-the-go item! You can tuck it in your gym bag for post-workout, and even stash at your boyfriend’s. Or just like me, toss into your overnight bag for a weekend getaway. Cupcake Panties are fit for every occasion.

They are available in hipster and thong style, the Cupcake Panty is designed with sweet, fun prints and colors. Get comfortable in the stretch cotton hipster in colorways purple wine, pink fuchsia and butterfly print; or look flirty in lace with the Cupcake Panty thong available in dot print, zebra print and powder blue. You can visit for more details.

Affinitas Sweepstakes: Cupcake Panty $1000 Scholarship and “Super Bakers Dozen”

The winner will receive a $1000, plus a “Super Bakers Dozen” (16) Cupcake Panty special delivery from Affinitas! Just go to and fill up the registration form and follow the intrsuctios below:

  1. Follow Affinitas on either social media: Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram.
  2. Post a pic of your acceptance letter next to your congratulatory cupcake.
  3. Tag Affinitas and hashtag #wearacupcake.

What do you think of Affinitas Cupcake Panty and which design is your favorite? Share it below!