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Sanuk Soulshine Slip On Booties

Summer is about to end, but it’s not yet fall season either. At this time, the weather becomes bipolar in some cities. In the morning it’s sunny hot, but in the afternoon it will be cold and the rain feels like it won’t end till tomorrow or vice-versa. Because of that, it’s confusing for people on what should they really wear before they leave their houses. Should they wear something refreshing or something that will keep them warm, open or close shoes?

sanuk soulshine slip on booties

At times like this, I opt for my most favorite type of shoes: the booties, like these Sanuk Soulshine Slip on Booties. They’re style is perfect for fall season but they’re not too high so it’s not too warm for summer season either. Plus, I like to wear them with no-show foot socks -preferably made of cotton- during warm days so it’s still cool inside my shoes. Actually, I prefer closed shoes like these booties during warm weathers instead of flip-flops or sandals because I hate getting tan lines on my feet. It looks weird and annoying.

Although these Sanuk Soulshine Slip on Booties are made of suede, the design just screams “summer!” or bohemian (whatever you prefer) with its chestnut and tan colors and lace details with custom metal bead. Actually, it reminds me of Native American’s shoes. There are some resemblance in the details if you could notice, but these booties are more like their stylish and modern cousins with rubber soles.

sanuk soulshine slip on booties

Another thing I like about its design is the “casual chic look” you can wear it with denims preferably denim shorts, you can wear it to school, office casual Fridays, or when you’re out shopping or just hanging out with your friends on weekends.

Sanuk Soulshine Slip on Booties are available in two colors, chestnut and tan, for $90 in Sanuk Footwear Store.