NOTE: I posted “Top 5 Hottest Fashion Bloggers Boyfriends” article last October 17, 2012 and a lot has changed with some couples on this list. Some broke up while some already got married. Last Updated: June 7, 2017
These lucky fashion bloggers have it all: beauty, style, successful blogs and gorgeous arm candy. Nope, I’m not referring to bracelets, I said candy not party. So isn’t about time to make a list of the most popular and hottest fashion bloggers’ boyfriends and husbands that they either keep mentioning on their blogs or help them with their blog business?  Did I hear a yes?
fedez and chiara ferragni vanity fair italy

1. Fedez & Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad

I originally wrote this post on 2012 and at the time Chiara, now the most succesful fashion blogger, was dating Riccardo Pozzoli, although they still remain the best of friends and working together on the company they build together called “TBS Crew.” And then I updated this last July 2014 when Chiara was dating a photographer named Andrew Arthur, who she met on the set of a photoshoot for Who What Wear. Arthur at the time was working on the website. But now, Chiara Ferragni is engaged with Italian rapper named Fedez. He proposed to her last May 2017 during his concert and her 30th birthday celebration.

2. Joahnnes Huebl & Olivia Palermo

 Joahnnes Huebl & Olivia Palermo

When I wrote this back in 2012, I never really considered Olivia Palermo a real deal fashion blogger. She is more like another reality star with a blog. You know what I mean? And no, I don’t hate her nor have anything against her. I wasn’t familiar with her at that time because I don’t watch The Hills, The City, whatever MTV reality show she was belong to. Also back then, Johannes Huebl was working as a professional model, though I’m not sure if he still models but now he is the head of business of Olivia’s blog. Plus, they already tied the knot last June 2014.

3. Mattias Swenson & Carolina Engman of The Fashion Squad

Mattias Swenson & Carolina Engman of The Fashion Squad

Mattias and Carolina are one of the most beautiful couples ever! Besides taking photos of Carolina for her blog (she always gives him credit on it. So sweet!) he is also the co-founder of Bloglovin, which is how he met her. They were married last August 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden.

4. Luke Bolt & Nicole Warne of Garry Pepper Girl

nicole warne & luke bolt

Are you enchanted on all Nicole Warne’s photos on her blog? Well, you have to thank her boyfriend, Luke Bolt, for most of it. He is a professional photographer and together with Nicole, they create amazing, editorial quality and oh-so pin-worthy photos. They were in engaged in 2015 under picturesque blossoms, very true to her Gary Pepper Girl style.

5. Geoffrey Fuller & Emily Schuman Fuller of Cupcakes And Cashmere

Geoffrey Fuller & Emily Schuman Fuller of Cupcakes And Cashmere

Geoffrey Fuller & Emily Schuman Fuller tied the knot in 2012. Check out their adorable Northern California wedding here.

Which couple are your favorite? Are there other fashion bloggers boyfriends and husbands do you like that aren’t listed here? Share it below!