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10 Stacking Rings Under $35

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On my previous post 20 ways to rock stacked rings like a pro I received a lot of comments and tweets from people asking where they could buy rings like those on the photos I posted. And so, I went to Bauble Bar to look for chic stacking rings. It’s my go-to store for trendy jewelries because they’re not only selling fabulous designs but they’re also very affordable. Below are my top 10 favorite stacking rings from Bauble Bar.

stacking rings

1. Crystal Cage Ring Duo ($28): This one is already enough to make you look like your stacking rings like a pro. Since it’s a cage design with a mini ring attached on top, it gives an illusion your wearing more than one ring.

stacking rings

2. Pavé Chevron Ring Set ($28): Chevron prints may be out but when it comes to jewelry, it’s trendier than ever.


3. Pavé Heiroglyphics Ring Set ($28): Triangle shapes and zigzag lines are just the trendiest designs on rings this season.

stacking rings

4. Pearl Spike Ring Set ($28): Who knew spikes, pearls and swarovski crystals will go together?

stacking rings

5. Pavé Tiara Ring Set ($28): From afar this looks like one whole ring but you can separate the three and match with other stacking rings. Stylish and efficient.

stacking ring

6. Feline Triad Ring ($26): This is like the affordable version of Meadowlark –Lorde’s favorite jewelry brand– cat ears ring. Cats are definitely fashion’s favorite pet.


7. Knot Ring ($20): What I like about this knot ring is that it could go with anything. Its minimalist design allows it to be paired with the most ostentatious to simpler jewelry designs.


8. Petite Infinity Band ($28): Just like the knot ring, infinity rings could go also with anything but this one is timeless and elegant. Seriously, how many movies out there featured an infinity ring?

Pavé Chevron Ring Trio

9. Pavé Chevron Ring Trio ($32): The more, the merrier the chicer. Chevron rings are dominating this stacking ring trend.


10. Rocha Rings ($89): Okay, this isn’t exactly below $35 but I just cannot resist not putting these on the list. These stacking rings are made-to-order with your initials in kick ass Game of Thrones-like font. You’ll definitely feel like a member of medieval royal family.

For more affordable chic stacking rings just visit Bauble Bar and for inspirations on how style these stacking rings, just head to my previous post here.

Which stacking rings are your favorite? Share it below.