Congratulations! You landed a job interview. Now what? First of all, stay calm. If you stress too much you might end up doing the opposite of what you want. Do you know it only takes 8 seconds to form a first impression? Yes, that short only so make it count.

I already blogged before about what you should wear on a job interview so here I’m going to teach you how to make a perfect first impression when you walk into that interview because of #FirstImpressionsMatter. I’ve distilled the advice of dozens of friends, family, and professors to guide you through this process. Together with my own experience, it’s your blueprint for what you need to give the perfect first impression on the first 8 seconds of your job interview.

Job interview - job applicant makes a good first impression

1. Don’t Be Late (Duh!!)

First things first, be on time on your job interview. If they said 3:00 pm be there at 3:30 pm at least. Even if you’re just a minute late on the exact time of the interview it’s already giving a bad first impression. I once went to my internship interview 30-40 minutes early and the interviewer was very impressed because I’m the first to arrived, and apparently the only one who isn’t late. You see, in the Philippines, there is something called “Filipino Time” which is, unfortunately, arriving an hour or more late on the appointed time. So yes, I was hired immediately after my interview was over.

Take Note: Being a student is not an excuse to be late on your job interview. And being “fashionably late” is just rude. Also, don’t forget to build a great resume first before going to the interview.

2. Dress As If You Already Got The Job

If you are getting interviewed for a creative position, don’t wear a suit, wear something that will represent the job position you want. And don’t wear anything that isn’t pressed. Don’t carry multiple bags or even a shopping bag or a plastic with a drink you bought from a convenience store. But just because you’re dressing as if you already got the job, don’t drape on too much jewelry also, no major bling, please. That’s just too much. Just look professional, clean and chic.

3. Be Confident.

When you walk in the room at an interview, don’t look nervous, smile with a spark of confidence but don’t show too many teeth or be overly enthusiastic, still try to keep your cool. Shake the interviewer’s hand firmly but not too hard and say thank you for having you. It also helps to take a deep breath before entering the room. One very effective confidence booster I know is having a flawless face because it’s the first thing that people look at. It is okay to use makeup on a job interview… no scratch that. Wearing a makeup is a must on a job interview. Makeup is the ultimate confidence booster. But no smokey eyes, please. A no-makeup makeup is the best makeup for this. My best bet, use the Maybelline BB Cream and I’m sure by now a lot of people are familiar with BB creams so no need to discuss that further.

The MAYBELLINE Clear Smooth BB collection now has a total of three different formats in varying natural shades to perfectly suit the skin and lifestyle needs of every Asian woman. Know which one is right for your skin:

MNY 8-in-1 BB - Family Shot

Left: The first BB Stick with 12-hour anti-shine powder finish! With its silky smooth application, it gives you a shine free powder finish every time! (Php 289)

Center: The BB Cream covers like a foundation but doesn’t cake, protects like sunblock but isn’t sticky, and moisturizes like skincare without being oily! (Php 259)

Right: The BB White conceals and protects – the ultimate sun protection for brighter skin in just one step! (Php 299)

How to apply Maybelline BB Cream:

Maybelline BB White

If you opt for the cream, get a small amount on the back of your hand. Squeeze a puddle of BB onto the back of your hand. Strictly speaking, this is not essential but it will make it easier to dab the cream on in equal portions, however.

Dip the tip of your middle finger into the puddle of BB Cream on the back of your hand. Dab the cream on your fingertip onto your face. Only apply it in dots: one in the middle of the forehead, one on the tip of the nose, one on your left cheek, one on your right cheek, and one on your chin. After applying, let it set for a few minutes before proceeding to the next step.

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Tip: It’s better to tie your hair or push it back with a headband when doing this so your hair won’t go to your face and annoy you.

Another Tip: If you have a combination skin like mine– meaning some part of your face is oily while the rest are dry; apply two different kinds of BB creams. I use the BB Stick on my T-zone instead, then the BB cream or BB White for the rest of my face.

You can use your fingers to blend the BB Cream but it will produce a less smooth result than applying it with a sponge or brush, though I prefer to use a makeup sponge because it is the most suitable for people with oily skin. When you have oily skin, applying BB Cream with your fingers can add further oil to the skin on your face. While a brush is less forceful but you may have difficulty spreading the BB Cream evenly.

But even though you will be blending the BB Cream in using a makeup sponge, you should still dab the initial amount onto your skin using your fingers in order to control the amount better. Do not apply the cream in streaks or in large splotches. You should use the cream sparsely, apply a thin layer to avoid making your skin look too heavy or weighted down.


Before blending with a makeup sponge, lightly spritz (not soak) it with a moisturizing or hydrating facial mist (water is okay too if you don’t have one) before using it to blend your BB Cream on your face. Spraying the sponge with a mist beforehand will allow you to spread the cream more smoothly while keeping as much of the cream on your face as possible instead of losing it all in your sponge.

Rub the BB Cream into your skin using firm, even, outward strokes. Apply enough pressure to make your skin “jiggle” or move slightly from the vibration. Start from the forehead and work your way out toward the sides of your forehead from the center. Focus on your nose and chin next. Finish by firmly rubbing the BB Cream on your cheeks into your skin using outward strokes.

Take Note: the area around your eye is more sensitive, so hard pressure can cause damage to the skin. Blend the BB Cream on this area using a patting motion. You can either use your fingers or the sponge for this part. If you feel like you have less control over spread and pressure with the sponge, switch to your fingers. By using a gentle patting pressure near your eyes, you prevent the fine lines that may show up when the dragging, stroke motion strains the skin around your eye, which is especially sensitive.

When you’re done with your BB Cream, apply your favorite lipstick (but not too bold, still make it fresh), blush and mascara then eye liner. To make it last longer, try to apply the BB cream in a cool place because the humid will just melt and ruin it. Then finish it with topping it with a loose powder. It’s good to store your BB cream inside the refrigerator too so it will have better consistency and cold BB is so good to apply.

Remember, it only takes 8 seconds to form a first impression. Make it perfect by remembering these tips and using Maybelline Clear Smooth 8-in-1 BB Cream every day! Do you have perfect first impression stories? Share it below or tweet me using the hashtag #firstimpressionsmatter