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We learn how to take good care of ourselves through experiences but often -if not always- we learn it through word of mouth or an advice from someone we know but when it comes to skin care or trying out new makeup products it’s better to seek beauty advice from other people rather than knowing it by yourself. It can be risky, sometimes you’re not sure if the product labels are true or is it really worth your money. Because of that I asked some people (mostly beauty bloggers) from Vanity Trove, a social media site for beauty junkies,  “what is the best beauty advice you ever received?” And I got some pretty interesting and “I didn’t knew that!” answers with lots of enthusiasm, just notice all of them said it with exclamation points.

beauty advice

1. “Never ever go to bed without eye cream, and don’t forget to apply it on the side of your eyes (near the temple) and on your upper eyelids as well! Best beauty advice ever to stay looking young!” –Samantha Ashley

Woman holding red lipstick

2. “Use a lipstick for a quick and easy blush fix! Gives you a natural flush that looks like it comes from within!” –Kathlee Kong

Young woman wearing face mask, pouting at camera

3. “Never put on a disposable face mask for 15 mins. After 15 mins, all the water that is left on the mask will actually worsen your face condition!!” –Jaslyn Go

Cropped studio shot of beautiful young woman with eyes closed - eyebrows

4. “Your eyebrows are the frame to your face!!” –Victoria VT

Woman applying beauty cream

5. “Moisturize, moisturize and block block block (the sun)!” –Qi Yun

6. “Always leave the house with the sunblock on!!! The most important thing in skin care regime, never skip that!” –Khoo Shufeng

7. “Moisturize, all day everyday! Literally. Even if you don’t have dry skin it is so important to make sure your skin is moisturized and protected from the sun. Drink lots and lots of water to hydrate your body!” –Jamie Ariel

Woman Squeezing Lemon in Water - water with lemon - beauty advice

8. “In my humble beauty opinion: Drink warm water with lemon in the morning before brushing teeth every day!” by Darryl Tan

audrey hepburn as holy golightly sleeping breakfast at tiffanys

9. “Make sure to get that beauty sleep! ‘Staying up and not getting enough sleep makes your skin sag.’ As told to me by several girls working in the beauty industry in Korea, as well as my dermatologist!”  –Ari Banban

Woman applying beauty cream

10. “When trying out new products, don’t use it on your whole face or body yet. Try it on a small part of your skin first. You never knew if it will give you an allergic reaction or unruly side effects” –Alyssa Martinez. Of course, I have to end this list with the best beauty advice I ever received.

How about you, what is the best beauty advice you ever received?