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5 Tips To Get Dressed Faster

Happy young woman holding shoes

Happy young woman holding shoes

“Five minutes!” How many of us women says that before getting dressed? I’m sure all of us says that unrealistic time frame a lot to everyone, even to ourselves but actually the only time it’s possible to be ready in five minutes is when going to bed. The key is to be realistic, even if you only admit this time frame to yourself, rather than rush to be badly ready in five minutes. And employing a few key time management and organizational methods can majorly help be ready faster. To make a few extra morning minutes a daily reality, keep reading for time-saving tips to get dressed faster.

1. Check the forecast—for the whole week.

Yes, we all know that checking the weather the night before is standard practice, but it pays to check the forecast for the entire week every Sunday. That way—even if you don’t choose clothes for every day—you’ll have a general idea about what you’ll probably be reaching for. For example: If you know the week ahead is mostly going to be cool and drizzly, you’ll be able to visualize what you typically wear in the rain, and where the items are located in your closet.

2. Pick out your clothes—and shoes—the night before.

I learned this from Rachel Green in some episode of Friends and from my mother who keeps saying this to me over and over and over and over again… even today. I may not be 13-year-old girl anymore, but laying out tomorrow’s outfit tonight, intuitively, is a huge time-saver. Be sure to iron, steam, lint-roll, or treat anything else you need to the night before as well, and hang your outfit on a hanger outside your closet, so all you have to do in the morning is reach for it. It helps to keep your shoes out, too, since digging through your footwear collection in the morning could get distracting (the “this shoe or that shoe” game can be a massive time suck, right?).

3. Keep a clothing diary.

This may sound a little self-involved (or annoying), but I swear it works. Tried and tested during my college days. Odds are, you wear outfits regularly that you like, but won’t remember them a few weeks later. No need to keep a separate notebook for this—simply jot down what you’re wearing each day in your work planner, calendar or in your phone using apps to help you organize your closet, and make a check mark next to outfits you’re really digging and might want to repeat again in their entirety. It’s extremely useful to look back and see how you put items together, plus it serves as a nice little personal fashion recap.

4. Separate your accessories.

Is there anything more annoying than deciding you want to wear a certain necklace only to find it tangled up in a impenetrable mass with a heap of other chains? Apart from the fact that tangled jewelry is generally one of life’s irksome occurrences, it’s especially frustrating first thing on the morning. The solution? Keeping your accessories totally separate from one another. Find clever ways to keep your jewelry organized.

5. Organize your closet.

Just like in sports, you need a game plan when it comes to your closet. It can effectively save precious time. You’d think that the more stuff you have, the easier it is to get dressed, but it’s actually the opposite. The truth is, lesser items means less things to weed through, which intuitively leads to fewer potential outfit combinations.

The first step to an easier-to-navigate closet: Assess your inventory and make smart cuts, so you’re basically able to see everything you have. The all-time best way to do this is by asking yourself one question: ”If I were shopping right this second, would I would I buy this item now?” If the answer is no, out it goes.

From there, divide your wardrobe by separates (shirts with shirts, skirts with skirts, etc.) and coordinate each each section going light to dark, left to right, since that’s how the eye naturally travels. Keep shoes lined up nearly on the floor of your closet, with the pairs you wear most often front and center.

You’ll see, these 5 tips to get dressed faster will make a huge difference when it comes to creating a less chaotic morning! Do you have more tips? Share it below.

  • The Diplomatic Wife

    Wow I love your tips!! So organised. I wish I could be this disciplines with my fashion! My tips to getting dressed simpler and faster is to…

    1) have a colour coordinated closet – I like keeping my clothes in neutrals (black, white, creams, beiges, greys) and I have pops of colour in my bags, shoes and scarves. This way I can throw anything on and they will look good anyway. it’s very hard to go wrong when mixing and matching in this way =p

    2) Have a uniform – when I know something is flattering for me, I buy the same style in the same colors. Seriously I have 3 of the same pants, 4 of the same white tee, etc. This makes it so much easier to dress and then I just put on different accessories to change up the look.

    Maybe my ways are too extreme but it suits my OC personality haha!

    • These are actually good tips, especially the #1 🙂 Thanks for sharing.