There were #belfies, #aftersex selfies, #funeralselfies and now there is such a thing as #Snelfie, a selfie taken while you sneeze. It appears that people these days are either have nothing better to do or are so starved for excitement that they’ve taken to Instagramming themselves sneezing just for fun.


via @canan_ylz

In all seriousness, managing to capture yourself mid-sneeze is pretty impressive—unless you can achoo on command, there’s no do-overs. Plus, it’s kind of nice that not everyone on Instagram is fixated on orchestrating their photos within an inch of their life that sometimes ended up a life-threatening epic fail or just totally rude.

In some cases, the #snelfie even comes with a free lesson, as user @jvzmxn so eloquently put it: “Lmao #snelfie sneezed during a selfie session #nofilteryou get all the germs. Gross jaz, cover ur mouth.#allergies.”

A little heads up though, if ever you decide to search the hashtag, you might also find photos of people in blizzards, if you know what I mean?

Geez, kids these days.