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Time to update your jewelry vocabulary. When it comes earrings it’s no longer just hoops and studs. The bountiful earring market now features cuffs, wires, jackets, and more, and I’m here to define all these new earring trends—and show you how to style it. Warning: You may feel a sudden urge to visit your local piercing studio. (I suggest, go with it. One pair of earrings are so old school.)

2 ear cuff

The Ear Cuff

Even if you’re just beginning to dabble with alternative ear jewelry, chances are you’ve heard of the cuff: it’s been around since 2011 and tends to be the umbrella term for any earrings that embrace the side of the ear. What you’ll learn here is that there are actually many sub-categories for the cuff, depending on the size and how they adorn your ear and hang. But for your primer, consider the basic cuff, a statement piece that touches and curves around the outside of the ear. Those who balk at the sight of a needle will be happy to know that many cuffs clip right on like this Vita Fede Crystal Drop Hook Earring, no pierced holes required. To style, stick with simple studs. And as is the case with most of the earrings in this roundup, the rules of symmetry do not apply.

3 ear cuffs

Winged Crystal Ear Cuff $32 // Annelise Michelson Carnivorous Ear Cuff $425 // Sabine G Earcuff Lips $8,583 // LUXURY FASHION single earring $149 // Ca&Lou Jasmine Lobo Ear Cuff $195 // Vita Fede Half Moon Crystal Ear Cuff $265 // Vortex Pearl Ear Cuff $28

4 ear wire

The Ear Wire

Ear wires do require a pierced hole. Unlike the cuff, a wire back travels up behind the ear to hug it into place. The result is an ethereal, delicate floating effect. Choose a simple string of diamonds for a classic look with an edge, or, if you’re in the mood for something more elaborate, opt for something similar to this lacy-looking Sara Weinstock earring. Either way, pair it with just one or two simple cartilage hoops, or nothing at all.

5 ear wires

Mizuki Sea of Beauty Diamond Gold Branch Single Earring $490 // Baublebar Droplet Ear Cuffs Earring $30 // Love Ear Cuffs $22 // Lunar Pearl Ear Cuffs $26 // Personalized Script Ear Cuff (yes, you can put your name!) $120 // Lunar Crystal Ear Cuffs $26

6 wrap-around cuff

The Wrap-Around Cuff

Consider this to be the ear cuff’s more elaborate cousin. It comes in a variety of styles, like this ear jacket mash-up from Delfina Delettrez, but the general rule of thumb is that it wraps behind the ear. It may dangle a bit over the front, as well, or peek from behind. Keep any other embellishment to the barest of minimums.

7 wrap-around cuffs

Givenchy Crystal and Mother-of-Pearl Ear Cuff $1,130 // Vickisarge Swarovski Crystal Ear Cuff $330 // Ryan Storer Rose Gold-Plated Pearl Ear Cuff $275 // Pamela Love Amethyst Feather Ear Cuff $175 //Jennie Kwon Hanging Diamonds Ear Cuff $720

8 ear chain

The Ear Chain

There isn’t quite any other kind of ear adornment that is more fit for the modern bohemian. Don’t be afraid to throw other earrings into the mix (or to wear one chain on each ear) in order to really speak to the festival-appropriate, pile-it-on aesthetic.

9 ear chains

Rebekka Rebekka Diamond Chin Earring $89 // Pamela Love Silver Lapis Lazuli Ear Cuff $85 // Auden Axl Ear Cuff Earrings $228

10 band cuff

The Band Cuff

The fun of ear bands is that you suddenly have the ability to stack and pile on hoops—all without taking a needle to your cartilage. That’s right: These are pierce-free, and they generally fall at a more forgiving price point to boot.

band cuffs

Maria Black Echo Clip On Ear Cuff $110 // Repossi Pink Gold Berbère Ear Cuff $2,410 // Hermes Ear Cuff $28

12 ear jacket

The Ear Jacket

Ear Jackets are the mullets of jewelry: Sweet, refined business in the front, unexpected party in the back. You get a peek at what’s going on from behind because the earring’s trademark is that the embellishment loops under to hug the bottom of the lobe. Rihanna has been known to frame her lobes with cannabis leaves ear jackets.

13 ear jackets

1. ASOS Stone Swing Earrings $12 // 2. Ca&Lou Pixie Cuff Lobe Earrings $343 // 3. Crystal Arc Ear Jackets $28 // 4. Pamela Love Five-Spike Stud Earrings $275 // 5. Crystal Tripod Ear Jackets $28 // 6. Gold Geo Ear Jackets $28

14 stud-hoop

The Stud/Hoop

It’s a stud… but the back sweeps down in (half) a hoop. This earring can’t decide what it wants to be, and this identity crisis is our gain: The duality extends to meet classic with modern, edgy with pretty. Try donning it on just one ear, and style it with a collection of simple studs and hoops.

15 stud-hoops

Delfina Delettrez Bee Single Earring $1,749 // Rebecca Minkoff Curbs Front Back Stud Earrings $58 // Pieces of Starr Amethyst Single Earring $195 // Givenchy Large Shark Earring $710 // Delfina Delettrez 10 Year Anniversary Collection Single Earring $890

16 double stud

The Double Stud

Christian Dior have ushered in the idea that there is no reason for studs to be one-dimensional. In one of my favorite adornment trends du jour, those craggy earring backs that we’ve always resigned ourselves to have been replaced by more earring—sometime even more substantial than what’s shown in front. The result is utterly cool and still leaves room to play with plenty of other ear jewelry.

17 double studs

TOP: Givenchy Double-Cone Magnetic Single Earring $272 // Vita Fede Double Cubo Earrings $750 // Pearl Bubblegum 360 Stud $28 // Metallica 360 Studs $28 // Pave 360 Stud $32 // BOTTOM: Pearl 360 Stud $28 // Elizabeth and James Vogel White Topaz Pave Studs $150 // Fallon Pearl Bead & Spike Stud Earrings $100 // Pave Bubblegum Stud $32 // Two-Tone Bubble 360 Stud $28

18 single earring

The Single Earring

Too cool to have a twin, these earrings are such statement-makers that they don’t come in pairs: They’re that unique. They also can’t quite be categorized into just “hoop,” “stud,” or “drop.” They might come in the form of a small chain, an arrow that goes through the hole, or perhaps in the form of a delicate, gilded safety pin. Whatever your preference, there’s one guarantee: The result is totally unexpected.

19 single earrings

Asherali Knopfer Mix and Match Earring $1,920 // Bijoux Coquette Red Gold Lace Earring $737 // Erica Weiner Archery Earring $1100 // Dominic Jones Raphael Singular Earring $144 // Maria Black Dante Spike Single Earring $160

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