Summer is officially starting. Picnics, swimming, and bike rides are happening on a daily basis. A tote bag is very handy for all these outdoor adventures. Below are seven stylish DIY tote bags for summer that will dutifully serve you all summer long.

diy tote bags

1. DIY Dip-Dyed Watermelon Tote Bag: Tropical fruits such as pineapple, kiwi and watermelon are the trendiest prints this season. Why not jump in to the trend bandwagon with this stylish DIY tote bag. (via Madame Citron)

2 diy tote bags2. DIY Modern Faux Leather Tote BagLook summer elegant with this tote bag. It reminds me of some Stella McCartney bags since it looks like leather but it isn’t. Perfect for those environmentally conscious people. (via Ohoh Blog)

3 diy tote bag

3.  DIY Geometric Printed Tote Bag: Geometric prints, despite tropical fruits are so cute, are still here to stay. Make your outdoor activity more colorful with this DIY. (via Collect & Carry)

4 tote bags

4. DIY Self-Closing Utilitarian Tote BagHave ever been annoyed using your tote bag because it won’t close and all the stuff keeps on falling? I did! That is why I love this tote bag. It is “self-closing” no more annoying stuff going to fall from it. (via Design Sponge)


5. DIY Stamped Canvas & Leather Tote Bag: Want to make your plain canvas tote bag ore stylish? Well, stamped it with some French word and put a leather handle on it. (via Whimsey Box)

6 tote bag

6. DIY Upcycled Fabric Napkin Tote Bag: Have a lot of neglected fabric napkin with pretty prints in your house? Then make it useful as a tote bag! This DIY feels like it teaches you how to make store-bought tote bags for less. (via Place of My Taste)

7 tote bag

7. DIY Rope Tote BagThis DIY is too technical but as you could see from the result it’s worth the patience. (via Style Me Pretty)

What are your plans this summer? Which of these stylish DIY tote bags are you going to make? Share it below.