ways to find your personal style

Ask any street styler or A-lister what it takes to be a fashionista? And the answer will be “Find your personal style and own it”. But understanding what works best for you is no easy feat. Enter these seven tips to find your personal style that will have you strutting your stuff with the style set in no time.

1. Find what’s really right for you

Find a personal style by not following trends. There is something disquieting about clothing schizophrenia. Only you know what works for your body shape and aesthetic. And only you know what makes you feel comfortable. Buying a piece because it works perfectly with your style – go for it. Buying a piece just cause it’s on-trend, not so good.

2. Only follow trends that work for you

So, radiant irchid is the colour du jour of the year but you look terrible in it… then why buy anything in that shade? Being stylish is about knowing when to step away and letting a trend slide by if it’s not for you.

You’ll be relieved to know dressing in head-to-toe trends isn’t necessary. The trick is to decide on a few key themes you’re loving right now, make sure they work with your existing threads, and watch your style take flight.

3. Shop when you travel

Going somewhere exotic? Then look for unique pieces that no-one will have at home. Working back pashminas from India, flowy beach dresses from Bali and one-off finds from a Parisian market with what you already have, is a sureway to up your fashionista ante.

4. Be unpredictable

Think about unusual juxtapositions. As Ralph Lauren says: “Breaking rules is what makes clothes interesting. I love mixing fabrics and shapes in unexpected ways – classic with modern rugged with elegant.” Experiment with what you already have. Sometimes just taking a fresh look at your wardrobe opens up so many more outfit ideas.

5. Always buy the right size

Want to know why the Duchess of Cambridge always looks so good in her high-street buys? Because she has a good tailor that can alter things to fit her perfectly. When shopping always try things on. It sounds silly but cuts are made to fit in a particular way and this will dramatically change how it looks on you. When shopping online, most companies offer free returns so send it back if it doesn’t feel 100 per cent right.

6. Buy clothes you’ll actually wear

Fill your wardrobe will only amazing pieces – it’s so much easier to be inspired by pieces you love than blah buys. That’s not to say everything you own needs to be a statement piece – you can have just as much love for a basic tee that works with everything as studded Loubouton heels.

7. Find the pieces that make you feel comfortable and confident

In the words of Heidi Klum, “Wear something you feel gorgeous in and don’t try too hard; it’s much sexier when it appears effortless. Clothes that don’t fit, or don’t fit the wearer’s personality, don’t help.”

I hope these tips will help you find your personal style.