Around six months ago Jennifer Lawrance surprised a lot of people when she chopped her hair to a pixie cut, but it gave every women who had been dreading to have a major hair change a courage to take the “hair plunge”, including me which I precisely narrated several days ago the pros, cons and emotional roller coaster before and after having a major hair cut.

tips to grow a pixie hair
Fast forward to today, our hair are now in the dreaded “in-between” stage feared by all who decided to grow out a pixie cut. It’s a challenging and often awkward-looking road to getting that long hair back so here are five tips to grow that pixie hair quickly and style it at its less than desirable lengths.

1. Watch What You Eat

Make sure to drink plenty of water and eat lots of fruits and vegetables to promote hair growth.

2. Keep Trimming

It may seem counter-intuitive, but it’s important to trim your hair as you grow it out. By cutting the ends of the hair, you’re stopping breakage and split ends from traveling up to the root, which can prevent full and healthy growth. What’s worst than growing a pixie hair is a long dried and damaged hair.

3. Do a DIY Treatment

Coconut milk is rich in nourishing vitamins and minerals and can stimulate growth by boosting the hair follicle. Apply coconut milk (either extracted from the fruit or from the can) and massage into the scalp for three to five minutes. Let it soak into your hair for an additional 20 minutes and then wash out in the shower. Try this treatment once or twice a week.

4. Embrace Baby Beach Waves

While you’re waiting for your hair to grow, experiment with different, flattering styles. “You don’t need super long tresses to get those coveted waves,” says Perez. Take a curling iron and wrap hair once around the barrel to get a slight wave. Alternate curling in different directions and spray to hold.

5. Go for the Wet Look

Try Beyoncé’s sexy Grammy look by washing your hair and drying it half way, then add gel and scrunch. Comb through with a wide-toothed comb and lightly dry with a diffuser to prevent the cuticles from frizzing and lock and hold the style.

BONUS: Seize the opportunity to wear stylish hats, earrings and eyeglasses from BonLook when you grow a pixie hair. A growing short hair is a good moment to rock several accessories than usual in one look to drive the attention away from hair.

No, this isn’t my younger sister and yes, I know I don’t look 21 years old. Just posting a no makeup shameless selfie showing my hair trick on growing a pixie hair. I took some hair in the middle, push it back and lock it with a clip. What do you think?

Did you ever had or do you have a pixie hair? Share some tips on how you style it or take care of it below!

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