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5 DIY Projects You Must Do

Do you know the blog Love Aesthetics? It has been around since 2008, just like any other succesful blogs it is more than just a fashion blog. Love Aesthetics is popular because of its founder Ivania Carpio’s love for color white (she literally only wears white from head to toe) and her amazing DIY projects. Speaking of it, just in case you don’t notice, I often feature some of her projects on my blog like on my previous post 5 DIY Clothing Racks. But she has more DIY projects (and I bet still more to come) that I want to do for myself and share with you all so I rounded up my top favorites, the top 5 DIY projects you must do from Love Aesthetics.

diy projects

1. DIY Leather Bra: Leather has its big moment since 2013. Unlike in the 60’s where leather were associated with punk and all bad ass rock star styling, nowadays it portrays elegance and glamour without looking you’re trying too hard. Plus, they are now appropriate for warmer weathers. This summer why not have a little leather with this DIY bra.


2. 90’s-Inspired Drawstring Halter Crop Top: Channel your inner Kate Moss and look effortlessly chic with this DIY project. Summer is coming so you have an excuse to rock sexy tops like this.


3. Minimal White Leather Top: Speaking of sexy tops. Here is a combination of those two DIY projects above (sort of) leather + crop top, I bet you want to do this now.


4. Floating Denim: Here’s something interesting. We all know distressed jeans, we love it, there are countless DIY tutorials about it even though countless stores are also selling such jeans. But have you heard of “Floating Jeans”? This one is my most favorite DIY project here. Very cool and very unique.


5. DIY Hair-On Purse: It is rare to see a different color in Live Aesthetics and when you do it’s usually black. One of those rare moments is this chic fur bag. It looks intimidating but it’s actually very easy to do. Just make sure you are willing to use your hair extensions.

Which DIY projects do you like to do? And do you have your own amazing DIY project? Share it below!