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5 DIY Clothing Rack

I love clothig racks for so many reasons. First, they can help you save space if you have so many clothes and you don’t have enough space for cabinets or walk-in closet. Second, you can display your clothes on them creatively like a part of your home decoration and third, you don’t have to buy a clothing rack, it’s your choice. You can just make one for yourself (or with a help of a very crafty friend) and the best part about it is that the limitations are endless, you can have any design and dimensions you want. Below are 5 DIY Clothing Rack ideas I found in Pinterest (where else?!) that you’ll surely want to make.

diy clothing rack

1. Multiple Way Clothing Rack: Have you ever entered a boutique and looked at the racks instead of clothes and thought that it’s nice to have it in your room? This DIY clothing rack looks like those rack from your fave boutique. It will feel like your shopping for your clothes again. (via Love Aesthetics)


2. Kapstok: Need a clothing rack with extra shelves for your shoes or any other accesories and can easily move? Then this one is for you. The only downside here is that you need a Google Translator because the website is notnin English. (via VT Wonen)


3. DIY Industrial Pipe Clothing Rack: Why only make one layer if you can make it two? (via Hello DIY)


4. DIY Mini Clothing Rail: This isn’t exactly a clothing rack but it’s a nice way to organize your clothes. Plus you can use this to take #shelfie of your OOTD à la Coveteur. (via Love Aesthetics)


5. Minimalistic Clothing Rack: Simple and it’s hanging, plus for small spaces. No need to say more. (via Nordic Days)

Do you have a clothing rack? Did you buy it or DIY? Share it below! Or better, share a photo of your clothing rack or entire closet on Instagram using the hashtag #StyleVanity and you might get featured in SV’s Facebook page.