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4 Ways to Procrastinate Wisely

Because its Monday and I don’t want to work yet. I bet most of you feels like the same way. Because of that I’m inspired to write a post about things you can do to have that motivation you needed. Below are the 4 ways to procrastinate wisely:

ways to procrastinate wisely

1. Go for a walk, do some stretches- or a run, if you’re feeling ambitious.

Whenever I lay down feeling unmotivated, can’t sit still even for a minute or getting irritated because I’m having a hard time to focus my mom always tell me to exercise even just the simple stuff like walking and stretching. Getting some exercise will help you exert energy, clear your mind, and come back to your work with a new attitude.

2. Listen to Music

Listening to music is one of the best things to do when procrastinating. It will allow your mind to go on vacation for a bit. You’ll forget about that article deadline or big test you have for a few minutes. Music is also calming, which will allow you to relax and be more efficient later on whether it is rock or Taylor Swift, as long as it ia your jam you’ll surely get the relax you need.

3. Do something “semi-productive”

Is it your friend’s birthday and you need to bake her brownies? Do you need to go to the store to get something? Is their laundry to be done? If there’s something small on your list that’s “semi-productive,” use your study break to do that. It’ll make you feel much better about yourself. (I, for instance, am using my work break reading books preferably nonfiction to learn something new.)

4. Take a nap!

This may seem counter-intuitive and something I HATE to do when I was a kid, but sometimes you really just need to shut the world out for a while. Research has stated that 20 minute naps are ideal for study breaks. So go on procrastinators, take that nap you’ve been itching for.

Do you have more tips on ways to procrastinate wisely? Share it below!