purple hair

Love it or hate, candy-colored manes are going strong this 2014. But cotton candy pink hairs especially ombres are sooo 2013! This season the fashion crowd has two new favorite hair colors: Rose Gold and Purple. And no ombre this time, it’s either go full hair or go home. Celebrities like Kelly Osborne and Nicole Richie are both rocking this trendy purple mane while Lauren Conrad made us believed she jump in to the purple bandwagon too but it turns out it was just her April Fools’ Day Prank, well, even if it was just photoshoped, it looks good on her anyway.

With all these celebs and street style stars having a moment in purple hair, have you ever wondered how to pull it off? Mimi of Dream World shared how she got and maintains her hair color which she adorably calls Periwinkle”.

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“I’m 16. I really love fashion, and I hope to pursue that as a career. My favorite designers are Christopher Kane, Simone Rocha, Miuccia Prada, and Marc Jacobs, ahhhhh so hard to decide, I’m leaving out so many great ones. Also, I go to an independent study school. I have less class time, but I get a lot of homework. It’s nice to work at my own pace, and learn how to structure my time to be able to spend [my extra] time focusing on fashion and doing what I love.

My natural hair is a medium brown, with a hint of red. I was blonde when I was little, but then it turned darker as I got older. For my 16th birthday, I decided I wanted to change up my hair, so I went to a salon –Oxenrose Salon in SF!– and had it bleached. I’ve been seeing so many people who looked good being [platinum] blonde and the spring runways were full of blondes, so I decided to give it a try myself.

I have a bluish lavender color right now. Periwinkle I guess. I’ve always loved the color lavender (I named my cat Lavender when I was 8!). Sometimes you need a refresher, and pastel hair seemed like the perfect thing! Since my hair was already [platinum] blonde, it was easy to dye.

I used Manic Panic in Lie Locks, and I did it at home. The first time I dyed it my friend did it for me. Recently I did it again myself. It’s actually pretty easy. I just mix a little bit of dye with conditioner, paint it on with a paintbrush, let it sit an hour, and then rinse it with cold water, et voila!

purple hair_2

I don’t do much to maintain my color, and because of that it fades pretty quickly. I do try not to rinse my hair too long in the shower though. When it starts to fade, I just dye it again with the leftover dye.

Surprisingly, my hair isn’t super damaged from the bleach, but I still need to treat it with care. So I don’t keep stripping my hair of the natural oils that keep it healthy, I try to keep a two-day gap between washes. I use various shampoos, and various conditioners, but I especially like Crème de Coco by Bumble and BumbleAfter my hair has dried, I often use a tiny dab or almond oil and smooth it on the ends.

Right after you dye your hair, it’s pretty cool to take a shower. Some of the dye rinses out and makes a pretty spiral on the white ceramic of the bathtub down the drain.

It’s pretty fun having pastel hair. I love how your hair becomes another accessory. Having colored hair makes any outfit more interesting, so even wearing jeans and a white t-shirt is interesting! You also pay more attention to the colors of your clothes and try to pick something that compliments your hair. This is a con because some pieces are really hard to wear.

People also view you differently. They expect you to be more reckless and interesting. For example, I was doing pencil drawings in art class, and they turned out a boring monotone. My art teacher said, ‘It’s surprising that you don’t take the risk of going bold in your drawings, when you have purple hair!’

-as told to Style Vanity. Photos by Mimi.

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