The controversial 28-year-old Valeria Lukyanova  aka “Human Barbie” recently posted a makeup-free bikini selfie on Facebook. It was obvious that she was showcasing her impossibly tiny waist and admittedly enhanced breasts in the shot, but for a person who uses a lot of stage makeup and hair extensions to achieve her full doll-like appearance it’s interesting to see her au naturel. Which brings me to today’s topic: Makeup Break. It is important to give yourself a day or two (preferably on the weekends) of makeup-free and here are the reasons why:

12 Reasons to Give Your Skin a Makeup Break

  1. Your skin will thank you. Makeup is essential to look polished and feel confident at work. So on weekends, it’s better to focus on skin care: it’s hydration time baby!
  2. You can get out the door for brunch in 15 minutes flat. This means one blissfully crucial thing: more sleep.
  3. The feeling of just washed, toned, and moisturized skin lasts all day. Best feeling ever!
  4. Shopping trips are way less nerve-racking. The whole “oops I got bronzer on this shirt and now I don’t want to buy it so I’ll just hide it in this rack over here…” is no longer your issue.
  5. You don’t have to remove your makeup at the end of the day before reapplying for a night out. Or layer more on top. Yikes.
  6. You never have to worry about keeping your lipstick on while eating a lunch. Or drinking coffee. Or juice bar’s healthy juice.
  7. You can put on facial moisturizer throughout the day. It’s all about the reapply on the go, in bed, on the couch…
  8. Breakouts are less likely to occur. NO ZITS = FEELING CONFIDENT
  9. You can accessorize your bare face with hip sunglasses. Look cool and protect your eyes from harmful rays. That’s what I like to call double-duty beauty.
  10. The inevitable summer-makeup-dripping-off-your-face-thing will never bother you again. Dealing with melted foundation on the screen of your smartphone is tiresome.
  11. Compliments are a-flowing when you finally do put on makeup and your skin is glowing. And compliments are fun!
  12. You’re beautiful no matter what. Cue the Christina Aguillera song.

Do you give your skin a makeup break? Why and during when? Share it below.