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Smart Lipo at Rzq Aesthetic Clinic

smart lipo at rzq

*This is a guest post

Rzq Aesthetic Clinic has a lot of services to offer. A friend of mine underwent smart lipo in their Makati Clinic and she had amazing results. She is not that big although there are some areas which are really hard to lose fats so she opt to do a smart lipo in her arms (batwings) and abdomen (upper, lower and love handles) but Doctor Quinonez was really nice and offered to do her back as well so it will be well contoured and take note he didnt ask for an additional fee. The staffs were very accommodating as well and if you are nervous they would really take care of you. (My friend held the staff’s hand almost throughout the whole procedure hah!)

smart lipo smart lipo_2

For the abdomen and arms, it only take 2 to 3 hours to finish the procedure. You can choose to be awake or asleep during the process but it is recommended that if you have low tolerance in pain then might as well choose to take the sleeping pill. But if you are curious enough then enjoy the procedure while awake, don’t worry the pain is tolerable.

The procedure starts by injecting the tumescent liquid then it will numb all the areas. Once the anesthesia has been injected there is no pain at all and Doctor Quinonez is a very gentle guy that he will always make sure that you are feeling okay. Then he starts by melting the fats using the laser and lastly suck out the fats with a cannula. Then you are good to go. Normally patients can go back to work 2 days after it, my friend had her procedure done on Saturday, rested well on Sunday and back to work on Monday.

They also offer other services which are really affordable, you can check their website or just simply walk in their clinic, one in Makati and the other in Laguna. Contact numbers are also available at their site.

  • Very cool! Do you only do one treatment or do you need to go back for a follow up to keep the fat away? Also, where does the fat “go,” so to say?


    • It depends on your body how many sessions you will have but once you are done I recommend going to the gym and exercise to keep your body.

      Not really sure where the fat “go” but they have a machine who takes care of everything, as far as I know 🙂

      • meg

        hi,am planning to get a smart lipo procedure @RZQ this coming saturday,i wonder if I’m gonna have some bruises after and how long did you wear the arm band?how about the canulla where it was inserted,did it heal with out any trace of scar?thnx….

        • Hi Meg, thanks for reading the post. Unfortunately, this is a guest post from someone who did the lipo procedure (not me). So I cannot answer your question.

          • len

            Hi meg. Im acheduled to do the procedure as well on friday. Just wonderin how was your procedure went through? 🙂

        • len

          Hi meg. Im acheduled to do the procedure as well on friday. Just wonderin how was your procedure went through? 🙂

        • airy

          Hi meg whats ur email, could you let us know it all went?

    • serene

      You only do it once. It is a liposuction, which means the fats gets sucked out by a cannula the only difference of smart lipo is they will break down the fats with a laser first so it is less invasive than the traditional lipo. Unlike other mehods, this one permanently eliminates the fats but yes of course maintaining it will be by exercising and eating healthy. Hope this helps 🙂

  • Lene

    Hi Meg? Is there an obvious improvement? Do ur arms look slimmer now? I’m thinking of getting this done to my thighs, thanks!

    • Aira

      Hello! An updates on this? Would love if people post an update regarding this treatment.