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Lupita Nyong’o Lip Balm

During the Oscars last Sunday, we witness a whirlwind of beautiful dresses and gorgeous hair and makeups. One of those that caught the world’s attention (and that is not an exaggeration) was Jared Leto’s hair, while some of us are still obsessing and searching in Google how to get his perfect gorgeous wavy hommbre hair, there was a product that selling out so fast. Lupita Nyong’o Lip Balm on the Oscars just became an instant cult classic!

Remember the pizza guy? Of course you do, it was one of the most memorable and the best moment in the Oscars. Well, when the host, Ellen DeGeneres, took tips from the celebrities for the pizza guy, I saw Lupita Nyong’o putting her lip balm into Ellen’s hat for pizza money. Ellen exclaimed, “Lupita’s lip balm! That’s worth something!” And, I made a mental note to find out what the lip balm was and get our hands on it — immediately. After all, her lips that night was also GORGEOUS like her dress.

lupita nyong'o lip balm

Turns out, I was just one of thousands who shared in the thought. According to Daily Mail, the lip balm — which is Clarins HydraQuench Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm — nearly sold out across the United States overnight. If that’s not a sign of someone whose career has officially taken off, I don’t know what is.

The article went live on March 5, and at the time, the $24 balm was still available online. There were a lot of reports that the lip balm already sold out but when I checked Clarins website around 3:25am of March 8 Philippine Standard Time the lip balm is still listed “in stock”. Maybe it is only sold out on drugstores and beauty counters, but for a product that has a viral hashtag #LupitasLipBalm -which is the best viral marketing campaign I’ve seen so far, and it didn’t even come from the brand.- I could sense that this lip balm’s availability is not going to last that long. People from other parts of the world are probably looking for it too at their local stores or some are already contact their buyers in the USA to get the product for them (ahem!). Who knows, Lupita Nyong’o lip balm maybe in limited quantities now while you are reading this post or worst, it is sold out once again. I suggest, if you want it, GET IT ASAP!

  • Tiffy4u

    Wow I had no idea that it had become such a viral hit. That’s awesome! Hopefully she gets an endorsement deal from this if she doesn’t already.


    • I just heard she already have a contract with a beauty brand but not Clarins though.