I think every girl in the world have childhood stories about flower crowns, it only differs if it is charming, funny or embarrassing. Mine, I think is charming, because flower crowns made me feel like a princess. I remember the first time I wore one was when I was a flower girl on my father’s colleague’s wedding. I was wearing a very cute princess-y pastel green gown accessorized with a flower crown made of white roses and a white basket full of it too. After that I started picking flowers (secretly) from my grandmother’s garden every afternoon of summer with my childhood friend and connect them all to make a crown, then we pretend to be either a princess or a fairy but sometimes both. Fast forward to 2014, I no longer wear such things but flower crowns are not just for flower girls anymore, thanks to Lana Del Rey and countless style bloggers. They’re for spring parties, picnics in the park, brides, bridesmaids, hippie music festivals and anyone who loves sporting a whole head of blooms. As we slowly step into spring, music festival and wedding seasons I rounded up all my favorite DIY flower crown that I have been pinning since February on my DIY Ideas Pinterest Board. And unlike in my childhood, you don’t need to secretly pick the flowers on your grandma’s garden.

pastel DIY flower crown

1. Pastel Flower Crown: The jumbo booms on this number definitely make a statement. You’ll be the belle of the festival ball if you rock a crown like this at Coachella. (via Kelli Murray)

2 DIY flower crown lulu's

2. DIY Flower Crown: If you’re not into jumbo flowers, maybe opt for something boho chic and very easy to do like this one courtesy of clothing brand Lulu’s blog. (via Lulu’s)


3. Baby’s Breath Flower Crown: See? Baby’s breath is NOT so bad! When used by itself, it can make for a lovely and delicate arrangement. (via Pittsburgh in Polka Dots)


4. Fresh Fall Colors Crown: Fall is long gone, but if you are not really into pastel colors, try these warm hues instead. They are welcome any time of the year. (via A Beautiful Mess)


5. Silk Magnelia Boho Crown: Who says the flowers have to be fresh? For a crown that lasts longer than a day or two, stock up on silk florals. (via Green Wedding Shoes)


6. Yellow and White Silk Ranunculus: I love the limited palette of this silk scene. It’s a great way to use fake flowers without looking too fake. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

wedding flower crown

7. Peachy Garden Rose Crown: This color palette is seriously smokin’ on the wedding front as of late. (via Green Wedding Shoes)


8. Midsummer Flower Crown: Now that’s a crown that’s festival-ready. (via Honestly WTF)


9. Winter Floral Crown: Well, this isn’t exactly for spring but you can bookmark or pin this one for holiday parties and festive winter fetes. (via A Little Dash of Darling)


10. Bluebird Silk Flower Crown: I know flower crowns aren’t for everyday look, but a few months ago I saw a girl around my age on the bus on my way to school wearing a flower crown like this. So if they were for everyday look, this would be the one you should rock. (via Brazos Valley Bride)


11. Bold Art-Inspired Crown: First look at the flower crown it reminded me of some renaissance painting. That is why I love it more when I learned the story of this crown project that was inspired by a piece of classical artwork. (via The House That Lars Built)


12. ’90s-Inspired Crown: I’m not really sure what makes this ’90s, (is it because 90’s weddings usually have jumbo flower crowns?)but I’m loving the combo of deep and pastel hues on this one. (via Design*Sponge)


13. Wildflower and Billy Ball Crown: Here’s a flower crown that was really used by the blogger herself on her wedding day and yes, that’s her hubby wearing a a Polar Bear coat for the nuptials. It’s for a wedding, festival or anything under the sun or moon kind of crown. (via Lyndsay Undseth Photography)


14. Monochromatic Carnation Crown: If you’re not into too much color then opt for this carnation flower crown. I am loving the monochromatic color palette of this one. (via The House That Lars Built)

15 ps imade this flower crown

15. DIY Floral Crown: Last but not the least, a very detailed and easy (seriously) DIY flower crown with faux flowers. (via P.S. I Made This)

For more DIY Flower Crown and even paper (faux) flower tutorials follow my Pinterest easpecially my DIY Ideas board.

Have you ever worn a flower crown? For what occasion? Will you try making any of these? Or you have your onw DIY Flower Crown. Share it below or better, share me a photo of you with a flower crown or your very own DIY on Instagram and Twitter using hashtag #StyleVanity and don’t forget to tag me @ItsMariaAlyssa