A lot of women want their own walk in closet but not all of us are fortunate enough to have it all for ourselves for some reasons like you don’t have enough space in your house or a spare room to convert it into your dream walk in closet. Well, it’s now time to make that dream closet of yours come true because I will give you tips and walk in closet ideas on a budget to make it happen.

I dream of having my own walk in closet also but the only room in our house with it is already taken so I have no chance and ever since I became a fashion blogger, the amount of clothes I have just doubled (or even more) and it just keeps on coming so what a girl should do? Even though I already gave away most of it, there are still many left and after seeing a vast collection of beautiful dresses from Simons, I knew I really need a bigger space. So I decided should make an improvised walk in closet.

Walk in closet doesn’t need to be a whole new room, in my opinion, a huge space that you could walk into is enough like the half of your room (which I actually did) or a hallway in your apartment. The secret to make it look wonderful like those you often pin and reblog is good interior design and organize it creatively. Follow these tips below:

  1. Choose a clothing rack that suits the style and colour scheme of your bedroom or hallway. You can buy one from Ikea or if you are feeling crafty and on a budget you could do a DIYclothing rack. Tip: if in doubt, opt for white, it always works well.
  2. Add a few personal pieces that say something about your style like a wall art, posters, glass vases which double as a decoration and accessories container, vintage-looking rug, lamp or a full body mirror.
  3. Fashion books are not only informational they’re also stylish and great decoration especially as shoe divider on shelves.
  4. Avoid wire hangers. They will mess up the fit of your beloved clothes. And as much as possible use the same kind of hangers preferably the slim ones so you can stack many items on your rack.
  5. Arrange your clothes according to season, colour code them and group them by category like all pants on the right side, skirts on the left, jackets on the other, etc. (get the idea?) This makes it simple to find a specific pair especially in the morning when you are feeling lazy and helps you also to see which items you might need to threw out.

Look at the photos below for inspiration:

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Do you have a walk in closet or are you also planning to make one? Do you have more tips? Share it below.

Photos from Pinterest & Tumblr.